SWIFT Message Pack for BizTalk Server

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I am starting a conversation here for us to stay engaged around SWIFT Message Pack for BizTalk Server.


Firstly, the updates for 2020 are available to download at:



In view of the Pandemic, SWIFT reduced the scope of changes applicable this year (from what was initially proposed).



Accordingly, we have released a patch that can be installed on top of SWIFT Message Pack 2019 for BizTalk Server.  This is a change from previous years, where the message pack has been a full installation (and not an update/patch).


We have also made the code for message pack publicly available on GitHub.



With respect to the annual updates to SWIFT Message Pack, we believe there are 3 categories of the effort:

1) Understanding the changes proposed by SWIFT and incorporating that into schemas and rules

2) Testing the changes

3) Building and distribution of the message pack


With all the application knowledge and financial expertise concentrated outside of Microsoft, we request BizTalk community to own and drive the changes to schemas and rules going forward and help each other by reviewing and testing the changes. We will closely work with

all of you throughout and help in driving the builds and distribution of the message pack.


We fully understand that this is a CHANGE. Our intension here is to create and help drive a process in the community that can be eternal and is sustained as long as there is a need.


Let us embrace this change and we assure you that we will work together to iron out any wrinkles that we encounter. I am starting this discussion so we have ample time to understand each other and converge on something that works and is seamless and without disruption to the updates in 2021 by the time they are due.

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