Microsoft Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

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 Microsoft Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

This year’s NVIDIA GTC event is certain not to disappoint. The big buzz around cloud-based NVIDIA GPUs is the introduction of deep learning and AI capabilities complementary to existing visualization, rendering, and gaming workflows. Having on-demand versatility by which GPUs can be consumed and transacted empowers greater productivity and efficiency with enhanced VDI/DaaS, real-time visualizations, and more immersive gaming & entertainment experiences.


This year we are sharing examples of some of the most versatile GPU-powered resources anywhere in the public cloud, with a clear understanding of maximum cost-for-performance metrics. We’re focusing on three main application use cases for GPUs:

  • Visualization, including 3D design rendering, remote rendering, and desktop virtualization
  • AI for machine learning, model training and inferencing
  • Edge Computing for hybrid scenarios, decoupled environments, and IoT device ecosystems

Microsoft Digital Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

Microsoft will be supporting the following pre-recorded sessions at GTC this year.







Azure: Empowering the World with High-Ambition AI and HPC


Girish Bablani, CVP, A and Ian Buck, VP Data Center, NVIDIA


Get to Solutioning: Strategy and Best Practices When Mapping Designs from Edge to Cloud

Paul DeCarlo Principal Cloud Advocate Microsoft


The Possibilities of Intelligence: How GPUs are Changing the Game across Industries

Rishabh Gaur Technical Architect Microsoft


Inferencing at Scale with Triton, Azure, and Microsoft Word Online

David Langworthy Architect Microsoft, Mahan Salehi Deep Learning Software PM NVIDIA, Emma Ning SPM Microsoft


Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Super-Resolution Digital Core Samples in Azure

Kadri Umay WW CTO Process Manufacturing and Resources Microsoft Josephina Schembre-McCabe Digital Rock Technology R&D Specialist Chevron


Accelerating Large-Scale AI and HPC in the Cloud

Eddie Weill Data Scientist & Solutions Architect NVIDIA Jon Shelley HPC/AI Benchmarking Team, Principal PM Manager, Azure Compute Microsoft


Seamlessly Deploy Graphics-Intensive Geoscience Applications On-Prem and in the Cloud via Azure Stack HUB

Gaurang Candrakant Principal PM, Azure Edge + Platform Microsoft Shashank Panchangam Chief product Manager, Cloud services Halliburton


Accelerating AD/ADAS Development with Auto-Machine Learning + Auto-Labeling at Scale

Henry Bzeih CSO/CTO Automotive Microsoft Willy Kuo Chief Architect Linker Networks


Edge-Native Application Research using Azure Stack Hub by Carnegie Mellon University

Kirtana Venkatraman Program Manager 2 Microsoft James Blakley Living Edge Lab Associate Director Carnegie Mellon University Thomas Eiszler Senior Research Scientist Carnegie Mellon University


Latest Enhancements to CUDA Debugger IDEs

Julia Reid Program Manager 2 Microsoft Steve Ulrich Software Engineering Manager NVIDIA


Using Unreal Engine Anywhere from the Cloud to your HMD

Patrick Cesium xx Cesium Pete Rivera xx Microsoft Tim Woodard Senior Solutions Architect NVIDIA Sebastien Loze Epic Games Veronica Yip CloudXR Product Manager NVIDIA Sean Young Director of Global Business Development, Manufacturing NVIDIA


Deploy Compute and Software Resources to Run State-of-the-Art GPU-Supported AI/ML Applications in Azure Machine Learning with Just Two Commands

Accelerated Data Science

Krishna Anumalasetty Principal Program Manager Microsoft Manuel Reyes Gomez Developer Relations Manager NVIDIA


Building GPU-Accelerated Pipelines on Azure Synapse Analytics with RAPIDS

Rahul Potharaju Principal Big Data R&D Manager Microsoft Alexander Spiridonov Solution Architect NVIDIA


Introducing NVIDIA Nsight Perf SDK: A Graphics Profiling Toolbox

Avinash Baliga Software Engineering Manager NVIDIA Austin Kinross Senior Software Engineer Microsoft


Profiling PyTorch Models for NVIDIA GPUs

Geeta Chauhan PyTorch Partner Engineering Lead Facebook AI Gisle Dankel Software Engineer Facebook Maxim Lukiyanov Product Manager, PyTorch Profiler Microsoft


Accelerating Deep Learning Inference with OnnxRuntime-TensorRT

Steven Li Software Engineer Microsoft Kevin Chen NVIDIA Peter Pyun Principal Data Scientist NVIDIA


Build Immersive Mixed-Reality Experiences with Azure Remote Rendering.

Rachel Peters Senior Program Manager Azure Remote Rendering, Microsoft


ONNX Runtime: Accelerating PyTorch and TensorFlow Inferencing on Cloud and Edge

Peter Pyun Principal Data Scientist NVIDIA Emma Ning Senior Product Manager Microsoft


Microsoft Azure InfiniBand HPC Cloud User Experience and Best Practices

Gilad Shainer SVP Marketing, Networking NVIDIA Jithin Jose Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Azure Microsoft


Enterprise ready ML Model Training on NVIDIA GPUs across Hybrid Cloud, leveraging Kubernetes

Saurya Das Product Manager, Azure ML Microsoft


Bringing AI to the Edge

Rishabh Gaur Technical Architect Microsoft


Azure Live Video Analytics with Nvidia DeepStream

Avi Kewalramani Sr. Product Manager Microsoft


NVIDIA DLI Training Powered by Azure

Microsoft is proud to host the NVIDIA DLI instructor-led online training covering AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science all powered on Microsoft Azure.


This year’s GTC event is shaping up to mark a major leap forward in how GPUs are utilized for modern application and service development workflows.



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