Updates to Organizational Theming in Microsoft 365 admin center

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We are so excited to announce an enhanced theming experience for tenants. We have started rolling out the improvements and will be generally available by late May 2021. Through the Microsoft 365 admin center, start playing around with colors and logos and assign custom themes to different Microsoft 365 groups in your organization! The organizational theme is what appears in the top navigation bar for people in your organization.


Creating a new theme dialogueCreating a new theme dialogue


How to get started

To get started, in the Microsoft 365 admin center navigate to Settings > Org Settings > Organizational profile click on Organizational Themes. From there you can add up to 4 custom themes. Each theme can be customized with different logos and colors. Admins can specify theme logos and specify the URL where users will navigate to when they select the logo.


Applying a custom themeApplying a custom theme


What is exciting about these improvements?

  1. Specify a different logo for dark mode
  2. Create themes for different groups
  3. Get instant accessibility feedback on your theme


Read more about the exciting updates here!


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