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Time is priceless and while we can’t own it, we can make the best use of it. Balancing work and life continues to challenge us dailyOver half of working parents surveyed, said it’s been difficult balancing household demands while working from home. Using Cortana, your personal assistant in Microsoft 365, you can take back control of your day, organize your work, and plan ahead to achieve more.   


Why? Because work should be impactful, seamless, and fluid…  AI in Microsoft 365 lets you take control of your time. 


At Microsoft Ignite we demonstrated our continued investments in bringing natural, voice-driven experiences to Microsoft 365 apps and services to help you work smarter in addition to new innovation to help individuals, managers, and leaders personalized and actionable privacy-protected insights that help everyone in an organization thrive.  In this article we’ll recap announcements from Ignite 2020 and where you can learn more from Ignite 2021 sessions. 


Rule your day 

Never miss a beat with your daily briefing email. Planning is one of those important things we don’t have time not to do. Daily briefing emails from Cortana help you start your day on track. You get a glanceable summary of your important requests, follow-ups, and info related to upcoming meetings. Currently available in English and Spanish, briefing emails will start rolling out next quarter to users with Exchange Online mailboxes in French, German, Portuguese, ItalianAnd updates, including in-line action links to easily book time in the week ahead to recharge, catch up on email, or prioritize learning are now generally available in English and Spanish. Additional updates unveiled at Microsoft Ignite 2020 including an integration with Microsoft To Do and actionable reminders to improve meeting effectiveness are now rolling out in targeted release. 



Learn more about how your daily briefing can help save you time and keep you focused here. 


Catch up on what’s new in your inbox – while even when your hands are full –so you can get time back in your day. With Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS you can get up to speed even when you don’t have time to read. With an intelligent read out of your emails, natural language interaction with Cortana and a user interface designed for people on the move, you can stay organized, on top of what matters and get back to living life outside your inbox, so whether you’re just walking your dog, or commuting to work, Play My Emails helps keep you focused and informed.  Learn more about Play My Emails in Outlook. 


Use spoken or typed natural language to complete tasks on Windows. With the latest update Cortana can help you retrieve your Microsoft 365 files across not only your device but also cloud locations such as SharePoint and OneDriveThe Cortana experience in Windows 10 enables you to type or speak natural language commands to save time finding what you need, stay on schedule, connect with people, set reminders, and more. You can also invoke the experiences hands-free using the wake word “Cortana”. 


Use Cortana to open or search files by: 


  • Parts of file names - “Hey Cortana, open marketing deck 
  • Author names - “Hey Cortana, open budget Excel from Anthony 
  • Document type - “Hey Cortana, find my recent pdfs 





Learn more about what you can do with Cortana in Windows here. 


Some things are easier said than done 

Interact with your calendar and email naturally. Cortana integration with Outlook gives you a natural language productivity assistant that helps you easily get things done on an iPhone or iPad. Cortana can help schedule new events and customize the event details on screen with language that you use every dayinstead of tapping or typing. You can simply ask Cortana in Outlook to “Schedule a Teams meeting with Megan and Adele for next Tuesday at 2 PM to discuss the launch.” Or find out “When is my next meeting with Nestor?” You’ll also be able to quickly compose emails using requests like “Create an email to Megan and Diego.”. We’ll start the roll out of conversational AI in Outlook for iOS in the coming weeks. Initially, this new conversational AI capability with Cortana will be available in English for customers in the United States using Outlook for iOS with a Microsoft 365 work account. This experience will roll out later this year in Outlook for Android. 



Make the most of your meetings 

Running late and need to send a quick message to your next Teams meeting? Cortana in the Teams mobile apphelps you streamline communication, collaboration, and meeting-related tasks using your voice. Simply click the microphone in the upper right of the Teams app and say, “Send a message to my next meeting that I’ll be there soon. Ask Cortana to check your calendar, join a meeting, make a call, share files, or find messages or chats from a particular person, topic, or time range. For example, What’s on my calendar tomorrow?”, “Call Adrian King”, Find the Marketing deck from last month” or “Search for messages from Megan.” Currently available in the U.S., the experience will soon be available to English speaking customers in Australia, Canada, U.K., and India. 





Get the latest on what’s new for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Ignite here.  


Go hands-free with Cortana on Microsoft Teams DevicesIntroduced last fall at Ignite, Microsoft Teams Display isa category of all-in-one dedicated Teams devices featuring an ambient touchscreen, with a hands-free experience powered by Cortana.  Using natural language, you can effortlessly join and present in meetingsYou can make requests to Cortana like "Whats on my calendar today?", "Share this document with Megan", "Join my next meeting", “Add Joe to thmeeting", or "Present the quarterly review deck". We will soon make answers from Bing available, so you can check what time it is for your colleague in Europe before calling or get a quick weather report before you leave the house. Currently available in the US, Cortana on Teams displays will be expanding to more regions including Australia, Canada, the UK, and India. For folks heading back to the office, we are adding Cortana to Microsoft Team Room Devices so you can join meetings hands-free and stay safe. 







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