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Today, we are excited to launch a new show - Jumpstart Lightning! The show where customers, partners, and the technical community members can come and talk about their Azure Arc, Jumpstart, and Hybrid cloud experience and share awesome stories.


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Jumpstart Lightning is designed to be short and sweet with highly technical episodes that go no longer than 10-15 minutes - we don’t want you to get bored and we know you're busy :cool:


No show is good without episodes so hop over to the Jumpstart YouTube channel to watch our first four episodes!


So, how do you get to record an episode with us?! Super easy!


  • Do you have an awesome Azure Arc customer or a partner that would like to be on the show to talk about what they are doing?!
  • Ever contributed to the Jumpstart project and want to share it with the world?!
  • Are you a technical field seller who has a unique Azure Arc demo and content?!

What are you waiting for?! Fill the submission form (or share it with your customer/partner) and if it’s snazzy enough, you will be hearing from us soon :smile:


See you at the show!


The Jumpstart team

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