A closer look into Azure Migrate App Containerization

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A while ago, the Azure Migrate team released the App Containerization functionality under the umbrella of services of Azure Migrate. The goal of App Containerization is to provide an end to end solution for IT Admins and developers containerizing existing applications that are currently deployed on Web Servers with minimal effort and no code changes. 


On the video above, I sat down with Damian from the DevOps Lab to show the functionalities of App Containerization. The tool is under preview and supports containerization of ASP.Net Framework on IIS for Windows containers and Java on Apache Tomcat for Linux containers.

The tool takes you through a wizard on which you target a running server, provide appropriate credentials and the tool can then extract the content to be containerized. Then, using Azure Container Registry (ACR) Tasks, it creates a new container image based on the extracted content. From there, we start a the process of deploying the image as an application on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Throughout the process, the tool also helps you create both the ACR registry on which your image will be stored as well as the AKS cluster to run your application. In that process it also takes cares of authentication between these Azure services. To learn more about the tool and its capabilities, check out our documentation.


Take a look at the vide above and let us know what you think! As a service in preview, we'd love to get your feedback on what is working, what can be improved, and what other scenarios you'd like to see available on the tool.



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