Support Tip: Known Issue occasionally occurring with iOS MAM and Office apps

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We received a few cases and have been working with our peers in Office to troubleshoot and resolve. After investigation, we discovered an issue that does not affect the majority of users, however it can affect a few users in an organization. In iOS Mobile Application Management (MAM, also known as App Protection Policies, APP), we received reports that on occasion, a user may see Office apps sign out automatically. When signed out, APP no longer applies (since policies are assigned to users and the user has signed out). The user can then sign back in, and policies are re-applied. This behavior can repeat. Through case troubleshooting we discovered that if one of the iOS Office apps sees something that makes it think a sign out occurred in another Office app, it then triggers the sign out in other Office apps.


The user will receive a message that states “Org Data Removal – Your organization has removed its data associated with this app. (607) To continue you must restart this app. To reconnect to your organization, sign-in to your work or school account.” This message is expected when a user manually signs out of an Office app. However, in the cases escalated for further investigation, the user landed in an authentication loop, and would see this message multiple times, despite single sign on across the apps.


To work around this issue if you have a user seeing an authentication loop, you’ll want to clear the credentials on the affected device. Using OneNote as an example, on the affected device, head to Settings > OneNote > Reset OneNote > Delete Login Credentials.


We’ll keep this post updated once Office releases new app versions that address this bug. In the interim, most customers will not run into this issue. Please use the workaround if you do!


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