What’s new: Incident advanced search is now public!

By default, incident searches run across the Incident ID, Title, Tags, Owner, and Product name values only. Now, with the new Advanced search pane, you can scroll down the list to select one or more other parameters to search on.



The advanced fields list includes the following:

  • Alert ID

  • Alert description

  • Alert name

  • Alert severity

  • Analytic rule ID

  • Bookmark ID

  • Closing comment

  • Comments

  • Entities

  • Incident description

  • Reason for closing

  • Tactics

We recommend utilizing the Column Selector feature to support the search experience and add the searched columns to the grid view.





The new UI allows for search by additional incident attributes and across all incidents in your workspace in seconds.


You can find more information about the new feature in our documentation.


We Value Your Opinion!

Our goal is to make your life easier while you triage and manage security incidents. If you have any feedback – about the experience, the usage – or anything else, please let us know. 


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