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R is an open-source language used for statistical computing and graphics. It's used in the statistical analysis of genetics, natural language processing, analyzing financial data, and more. R provides an interactive command line experience. RStudio is an interactive development environment (IDE) available for the R language. The free version provides code editing tools, an integrated debugging experience, and package development tools.


This class type focuses solely on RStudio and R as a building block for a class that requires the use of statistical computing. Learn how to set up a class on either Windows or Linux.


Set up a lab to teach R on Linux

Set up a lab to teach R on Windows


If you’re interested in RStudio, also checkout the deep learning and Python and Jupyter Notebooks class types. Each article describes how to use the Data Science Virtual Machine for Linux (Ubuntu) marketplace image, which has many data science related tools, including RStudio, pre-installed.


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