What’s new in Azure VMware Solution

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  1. Azure VMware Solution is now included as part of Azure Workload Acquisition & Nurture incentive program.
  2. Azure VMware Landing Zone is now publically available.
  3. VMworld 2021 event concluded on 7-Oct. Watch following on-demand sessions and hands-on labs specific to Azure VMware Solution.
  4.  It's soon possible to use Azure NetApp Files as NFS datastore for Azure VMware Solution. 
  5. It is possible now to do HCX migration over VPN and SD-SWAN.
  6. New enhancements, global expansion, partner integration are now available as documented here.




  1. Run command is now available as public preview.
  2. New Azure VMware Solution content is published Partner Network. Some notable assets include
    1. Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) - Thought Leadership eBook
    2. Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) - Customer Presentation - L100
    3. Top 5 Reasons to Migrate with Azure VMware Solution
  3. Disaster recovery solution from JetStream is now available as a public preview.

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