What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Ignite 2021

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Azure Monitor provides a rich set of enterprise ready capabilities to ensure you have complete observability of your hybrid environment, helping you keep it always available, reliable and performant. We announced a bunch of new capabilities at Microsoft Ignite 2021, helping you gain more insights from your apps and infrastructure, and easily manage your log analytics workspaces and alerts.


Send telemetry to Application Insights using OpenTelemetry exporters

  1. You can now instrument your .NET, Node.JS and Python apps with OpenTelemetry’s vendor-neutral and consistent APIs/SDKs and send data to application insights. These Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry exporters are in preview and are in addition to the Java auto-instrumentation offering released last year.


Monitor your Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters with Container Insights

  1. You can now monitor all your Kubernetes, AKS or non-AKS clusters through container insights, with general availability of support for Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters. You can take advantage of 1-click onboarding from Azure portal and gain visibility into your cluster performance with comprehensive visualizations and recommended alerts.

Container Insights.png


Troubleshoot your VPN Gateway & Azure Firewall with Network Insights

  1. Rich insights and new troubleshooting experiences are now available in network insights for VPN Gateway and Azure Firewall resources. You can visualize the resource topology showing resource health and connected resources and get started with curated monitoring workbooks.

Network Insights.png


Manage and monitor your Log Analytics Workspaces with new capabilities

  1. Log Analytics Workspace Insights is now generally available, with which you can get a comprehensive view of your workspaces through a unified view of your workspace usage, performance, health, agent, queries and change log.

LAW Insights.png


  1. You can now easily manage your data export rules from Log Analytics Workspaces directly within the Azure portal (in preview). The new experience provides a clear view of existing rules in your workspace whether they are in enabled, or disabled state. You can also edit existing rules and create new rules with a few simple steps.


Trigger an EventHub action from Azure Monitor Alerts

  1. The new EventHub action from Azure Monitor alerts enables you to leverage a reliable, scalable queuing technology to ingest alerts. You can even achieve network isolation by subscribing to your EventHub using Private Links.


To learn more about Azure Monitor and monitoring best practices, check out the documentation and how-to videos. If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us through our Tech Community forum.

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