GitHub Actions – Azure Function Apps zip deployment – ERROR: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘value’

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Panic stations! My GitHub Action workflows are breaking!


A recent release has been causing a lot of frustration so this is a quick post to hopefully broadcast a temporary workaround.


The error is with Azure Function App zip deployment.




az functionapp deployment source config-zip





The workaround is to downgrade the cli version to 2.28.0. This slows down the pipeline considerably, but works. You can see the impact to my workflow below:


The yaml will remove the current version and install 2.28.0 and is shown below.





- name: Install az 2.28.0 shell: powershell run: | (Get-WmiObject Win32_Product -Filter "Caption='Microsoft Azure CLI'").Uninstall() Install-Binary -Url "" -Name "azure-cli.msi" -ArgumentList ("/qn", "/norestart")






The real credit for this workaround goes to the GitHub community. Hard to say who suggested the workaround first.

Issues · Azure/azure-cli (
Unable to zip deploy a function app in the Azure Cloud Shell (version 2.29.0) · Issue #19954 · Azure/azure-cli (

This post will hopefully save someone out there frustration until the fix is available. 





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