You’re Invited! 365 EduCon DC – Holistic Security with M365: Greater than the Sum of its Parts

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I'm excited to announce that Microsoft Federal Security Engineer James Key and I will be presenting at this year's 365 EduCon DC event, on 4:20 PM on December 14th.



James' blog series on this topic was very popular so we will try out hand at the M365 Holistic Security story to the stage in what we hope will be a fun, informative and relatable session + Q&A.  


M365 Security is a holistic solution, and while head-to-head comparisons of its component parts sometimes appear to cede an advantage to another product, it is how those components integrate and communicate with each other to cover every link of the cyber killchain that sets the standard for securing your organization's collaboration capabilities. 


From signal collection, telemetry analysis and reactive protection, M365 Security is a vital component to any organizations zero trust strategy.


For conference attendees both James and myself will also be participating in the AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) session at 9:00 AM eastern, Wednesday December 15th as well!



Please come out to see us, and stop by to talk with us in a post-session get together open to everyone, even if you aren't able to make the session. 

(We'll update with the time and place soon, stay tuned!)



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