AI Show – Applied AI: Computer Vision and Optical Character Recognition

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Computer vision is one the core areas of artificial intelligence and can empower your AI-enabled solution to ‘see’ the world and turning it in a readable/audible experience. Join the next AI show episode on August 26th to learn how to integrate the power of Azure computer vision service in a static web app and how to deploy and run it on the cloud. 


Also, if you are interested in learning more about computer vision and the machine learning algorithms used by the Azure service behind the scenes, you'll get useful tips for resources to check.


The livestream show is available on LearnEvents and on Microsoft AI Show Youtube.



This episode is part of the AI Show Live. This show showcases the amazing work happening in AI at Microsoft. Developers learn what's new in AI in a short amount of time and are directed to assets helping them get started and on the road to success right away. The show is led by Seth Juarez, Principal Program Manager  @ Microsoft in AI/ML.


Guest speakers of the session are: 


Carlotta Castelluccio – Cloud Advocate, Microsoft 

Carlotta Castelluccio is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, focused on AI/ML. As a member of the Developer Relationships Academic team, she works on skilling and engaging educational communities to create and grow with Azure Cloud, by contributing to technical learning content and supporting students and educators in their learning journey with Microsoft technologies. Before joining the Cloud Advocacy team, she worked as an Azure and AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) consultant in Microsoft Industry Solutions team, involved in customer-face engagements focused on Conversational AI solutions. 


Bethany Jepchumba, Cloud Advocate, Microsoft 


Bethany is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. She was previously a Microsoft Learn Gold Student Ambassador. She is a Tech explorer, who enjoys designing digital interfaces, playing with data, building tech communities, and is constantly learning. Her mantra is recreating stories, enhancing experiences! Her aim is to improve experiences whether it is through design or code or leadership. 


See you there!


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