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Audio Podcasting in Microsoft Viva LearningAudio Podcasting in Microsoft Viva Learning  Last week while meeting with a large organization a question, and possible requirements around the use of audio files (mp3, m4a), was posed to me. They want to be able to use audio files for podcast like access using native Microsoft tools, not 3rd party. Furthermore, for certain “podcast” feeds they wanted to have those show up in Microsoft Viva Learning so that they could be “assigned”/recommended by managers. Thankfully with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva Learning organizations have all the building blocks they need to enable such capability so that employees can take advantage of the native rich media capability of Microsoft 365’s SharePoint Online and ready integration into Microsoft Viva Learning.

Join “Dr. G.” as he demonstrates how to leverage Microsoft 365’s SharePoint Online, as well as Microsoft Viva Learning, to deliver rich podcast capabilities that can be readily integrated into employee learning, all within the flow of work!


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