Announcing FSLogix 2210 Public Preview (2.9.8308.44092)

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The download link will go live on October 6th, 2022 at 14:00 PDT


Hello FSLogix nation!


Microsoft is pleased to announce the availability of FSLogix 2210 Public Preview (2.9.8308.44092).


This is a PUBLIC PREVIEW version, and we recommend first running in your non-production environments to fully test and understand the new features, fixes, and updates.


We've added several new articles in our documentation and updated the configuration settings reference page.


Release Notes:

  • Feature: Added the ability to compact the user's container during the sign-out phase. For more information, please review the VHD Disk Compaction documentation.
  • Feature: Added a new process during the sign-out phase which creates an AppX package manifest for the user. This manifest is used at sign-in to re-register the AppX applications for an improved user experience. This work is on-going as AppX packages and applications continue to evolve. The focus for this work has been on the built-in Windows apps (inbox apps).
  • Feature: We will now roam the users RECYCLE BIN within the user's container.
  • Fix: When OneDrive data is stored outside the user's profile, FSLogix will correctly impersonate OneDrive for setting permissions.
  • Fix: Resolved junction point compatibility issues with APPV.
  • Fix: RW differencing disks will correctly handle disk expansion when SizeInMBs is increased from a smaller value.
  • Fix: Cloud Cache will now properly honor lock retry count and intervals.
  • Update: Group Policy templates have new names that align with their registry settings. New help information indicates where in the registry the group policy will make the change. Added version history for newly added settings.
  • Update: Ensure Azure Storage Account Blob container names correctly adhere to Azure naming requirements.
  • General: Various other bug fixes and improvements



Jason Parker, Sr. Program Manager for FSLogix

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