Stemming in Microsoft Graph connector search results

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What's stemming?

Stemming in search means that a word is reduced to its word stem or root form. For example, ‘groups’ is reduced to ‘group’. We can then use both, the reduced form (group) and the original form (groups) to find relevant and matching documents. At the end, users are more likely to find relevant content because search can find more and potentially relevant content.


For example: query terms “Window 11 supports” will also search for terms “Windows” and “support”.


The recently added stemming support enables expansion to and from, singular and plural word forms.


With stemming, users now get better quality results for their search queries. The results in “result cluster” experience in the All tab might however vary between plural and singular variants due to the relevance logic.


We currently support stemming for all the languages supported for SharePoint files currently. Reference: Linguistic search features in SharePoint Server - SharePoint Server | Microsoft Docs

 With this change, stemming is now available for both Graph Connector and SharePoint search results in all workplace search clients.

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