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Before we start, please not that if you want to see a table of contents for all the sections of this blog and their various Purview topics, you can locate the in the following link:


Microsoft Purview - Compliance Score (Part 1) - Overview



This document is not meant to replace any official documentation, including those found at  Those documents are continually updated and maintained by Microsoft Corporation.  If there is a discrepancy between this document and what you find in the Compliance User Interface (UI) or inside of a reference in, you should always defer to that official documentation and contact your Microsoft Account team as needed.  Links to the data will be referenced both in the document steps as well as in the appendix.


All of the following steps should be done with test data, and where possible, testing should be performed in a test environment.  Testing should never be performed against production data.


Target Audience

This blog series is aimed at Security and Compliance officers who need to understand how the Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager assessments can help them meet their regulatory and certification needs.


Document Scope

This document will only be discussing the assessment specific to the ISO 15489 for Microsoft 365 and which Purview components are needed to meet those requirements in the assessment and its associated certifications and regulations.



This document does not cover any other aspect of Microsoft E5 Purview, including:

  • Compliance Manager (configuration)
  • Data Classification
  • Information Protection
  • Data Protection Loss (DLP) for Exchange, OneDrive, Devices
  • Data Lifecycle Management (retention and disposal)
  • Records Management (retention and disposal)
  • eDiscovery
  • Insider Risk Management (IRM)
  • Priva
  • Advanced Audit
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)
  • Information Barriers
  • Communications Compliance
  • Licensing

For details on licensing (ie. which components and functions of Purview are in E3 vs E5) you will need to contact your Microsoft Security Specialist, Account Manager, or certified partner.


We will not be walking through the ISO 15489 assessment step-by-step.  For more information on running an assessment in Compliance Manager, you should reference the corresponding documentation listed in the Appendix and Links section below.


Overview of Document

We will be walking through how the ISO 15489 assessment can be leveraged to meet the multiple certification and regulatory needs and provide quantifiable results for meeting those certification and regulatory needs.

  • What is ISO 15489?
  • What is the Compliance Manager ISO 15489 assessment?
  • Process of taking assessment information and score and narrowing to Purview related solutions
  • ISO 15489 assessment details (Control Family, Purview relevant solutions breakdown and Purview Compliance Score


Use Case

Looking at the ISO 15489 assessment at a high level.




  • Actions– the things that need to be done to mark a Control as completed and
  • Assessments – these help you implement data protection controls specified by compliance, security, privacy, and data protection standards, regulations, and laws. Assessments include actions that have been taken by Microsoft to protect your data, and they're completed when you take action to implement the controls included in the assessment.
  • Assessment Templates – these templates track compliance with over 300 industry and government regulations around the world.
  • Compliance Score - Compliance Manager awards you points for completing improvement actions taken to comply with a regulation, standard, or policy, and combines those points into an overall compliance score. Each action has a different impact on your score depending on the potential risks involved. Your compliance score can help prioritize which action to focus on to improve your overall compliance posture.  You receive an initial score based on the Microsoft 365 data protection baseline. This baseline is a set of controls that includes key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance.
  • Controls – the various requirements in your tenant that must be met to meet a part of an assessment
  • Control Family – a grouping of Controls
  • Microsoft Actions – These are actions that Microsoft has performed inside of your tenant to help it meet a specific assessment.
  • Progress – each assessment has a progress chart to help you visualize the progress you are making to meet the requirements of the assessment
  • Your Improvement Actions – These are actions that you and your organization must perform to meet a specific assessment.




It is highly recommended that you run your own ISO 15489 assessment to see the following information in your own Tenant.




It is highly recommended that you run your own ISO 15489 assessment to see the following information in your own Tenant.



What is ISO 15489?

Here is the definition listed in Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager.



“ISO 15489-1:2016 Information and Documentation - Records Management Standard is an international standard for the management of business records. The standard covers the core concepts for records, metadata for records and records systems; policies, assigned responsibilities, monitoring and training supporting the effective management of records; recurrent analysis of business context and the identification of records requirements; records controls; and processes for creating, capturing and managing records.”



You can also find more information at the ISO 15489 official website, listed in the Appendix and Links section below.



What is the Compliance Manager ISO 15489 assessment?

This is the official Microsoft tool that scans your tenant and compares it to the ISO 15489.  It then provides a report and workflow.


Narrowing ISO 15489 to applicable Purview tools


We narrow the scope of from All ISO 15489 Control Families (8x) the Assessment runs to just the Compliance applicable ISO 15489 Control Families (5x).  Then we can take those tactical Control Families and leverage the applicable Microsoft Purview tools that, when applied, can help you meet these Control Families. 


  • Here is one way to view this
    • All Control Families (8x) -> Compliance applicable Control Families (5x) -> applicable Microsoft Purview tools


  • This graphic shows another way to visualize this.






ISO 15489 Assessment details

Let us look at the details of the ISO 15489assessment as they related to Microsoft Compliance Purview solutions and your Compliance Score for your Microsoft tenant.


All Control Families (8x)

The ISO 15489assessment will report back on ALL the Control Families that are part of the ISO 15489 assessment.






Compliance applicable All Control Families (5x)

From a Purview perspective, here are the 9 Control Families that are applicable to ISO 15489 workloads.







Relevant Purview Solutions (10x)

Now that you know which Control Families are relevant to ISO 15489, here are the Purview solutions that are part will help you meet those baseline needs.







Purview Compliance Score

Let us look at a diagram the ISO 15489 assessment’s points that it applies 1) ISO 15489 Controls overall, 2) points that can specifically be addressed by Purview related tools, and 3) then the percentage of the ISO 15489 assessment points covered by implementing the Purview tools.






Appendix and Links

ISO - ISO 15489-1:2016 - Information and documentation — Records management — Part 1: Concepts and principles


Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Learn


Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Docs


Microsoft Purview- Paint By Numbers Series (Part 0) - Overview - Microsoft Tech Community


Compliance score calculation - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Learn


Working with improvement actions in Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Learn



Note: This solution is a sample and may be used with Microsoft Compliance tools for dissemination of reference information only. This solution is not intended or made available for use as a replacement for professional and individualized technical advice from Microsoft or a Microsoft certified partner when it comes to the implementation of a compliance and/or advanced eDiscovery solution and no license or right is granted by Microsoft to use this solution for such purposes. This solution is not designed or intended to be a substitute for professional technical advice from Microsoft or a Microsoft certified partner when it comes to the design or implementation of a compliance and/or advanced eDiscovery solution and should not be used as such.  Customer bears the sole risk and responsibility for any use. Microsoft does not warrant that the solution or any materials provided in connection therewith will be sufficient for any business purposes or meet the business requirements of any person or organization.


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