Set up a Custom Homepage for your Microsoft Community Training instance

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If you are interested to replace Microsoft Community Training (MCT) home page with any other custom home page that you have built, you can easily achieve that with a simple set of steps.

To get started, you need to have a custom home page designed for it to be linked to MCT instance. Here is a sample design for MCT Custom Homepage



  • Azure subscription should be same subscription where MCT is deployed. These steps would need ‘Contributor’ access for the Azure subscription.
  • This custom home page needs to be hosted in same azure subscription where MCT is deployed.
  • You need to have the Storage Account of the type "General-purpose v2" to get the static website


Steps to add your custom homepage

  1. Sign into the Azure portal
  2. Configure storage account to host static website by following below steps:
    1. Open the Azure portal in your web browser.
    2. Locate your storage account and display the account overview.
    3. Select Static website to display the configuration page for static websites.
    4. Select Enabled to enable static website hosting for the storage account.
    5. In the Index document name field, specify a default index page of index.html. (This index.html should be same as home page of your static website)
    6. In the Error document path field, specify a default error page of 404.html.
    7. Click Save. The Azure portal now displays your static website endpoint.



  1. Deploy the custom home page in the storage account configured above.
    1. Create an empty folder named "mywebsite" on your local file system.
    2. Launch Visual Studio Code and open the folder that you just created from the Explorer panel.


    3. Create the default index file in the "mywebsite" folder and name it index.html. 

    4. Copy all the files for the Custom home page.
    5. Home page should be named as ‘index.html’.
    6. Edit ‘index.html’ and replace all CTA links (e.g. ‘Registration’) with MCT sign in Link. You can get MCT sign link by hovering over ‘SignIn’ in MCT website. Please refer below screenshot. The MCT login URL must be in the following format: https://<AzurewebistesORfdBaseURL>/home/defaultsignin?whr=uri%3aPhoneAuth&referrer=basedomain. 


    7. Create the default error file and name it 404.html (or any other name as needed).
    8. Open 404.html in the editor. Paste the code into the file, and save it (Sample code for reference is given below)


      <!DOCTYPE html>






    9. Right-click under the "mywebsite" folder in the Explorer panel and select Deploy to Static Website... to deploy your website. You will be prompted to log in to Azure to retrieve a list of subscriptions.
    10. Select the subscription containing the storage account configured in above step2. Subscription should be same where MCT is deployed. Next, select the configured storage account when prompted.


You've successfully deployed a static webpage (Custom Home Page) to Azure subscription where MCT is deployed. Launch the website to view.



  1. For more details, see Tutorial: Host a static website on Blob Storage
  2. Here are some sample templates of the Custom Homepage which can be used to deploy on your MCT instance:
    • For supporting multiple AD logins, please refer to this template. You may add the other AD logins in this template from ILDigiTechLoginPage >> Assets >> DomainAndUrl.json

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Set up a Custom Homepage for your MCT instance | Microsoft Learn


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