Join us for Exciting Sessions at Global AI Student Conference – 13 December, 2022

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Global AI Student Conference in collaboration with Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. 



Date: December 13, 2022 

Live Event Time: 11:00 AM (UTC) 03:00 AM (PT) 



Global AI Student Conference is an online event organized by Global AI Community with the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. The event is designed specifically for students and will be on December 13th! Join in to learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence and get to see a showcase of the relevant technologies in action. A line-up of all the sessions and the schedule will be posted soon. 


Speaker Line-up and sessions 

We have an exciting list of speakers and sessions from introduction to AI to building bots and automation. Check out some of the sessions below: 


Find all the sessions at To add your sessions to calendar, click on the calendar icon under each session, then go ahead and click add to calendar. 


Some great sessions you can look out for: 

 AI-voice-assistant-using-python with Anaam Sayeda 


This session will explain how to build a voice assistant that will recognize and respond to voice commands. The VA will perform tasks such as telling the day, date, and time, opening applications and websites, playing YouTube videos, and searching on Browser and Wikipedia. 


Airplane buddy matching using Azure Form Recognizer with Radu Vunvulea 


Let's dive into the computer vision world by designing a system that can analyse the flight tickets and identify the other co-workers that will fly to the same destination as you.   


The 4 Types of Machine Learning with Frank La Vigne 


AI and Machine Learning are all the rage, but did you know that there are at least four different methodologies for computers to learn? Some mimic the human brain, while others are based on statistical modeling, game theory, and more. 


This session will explore the basics of Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Transfer Learning in an approachable way. Find out the when's and why's to apply which type of learning to solve the problem at hand. 


Register for the conference today! 

We welcome students, professors, tutors and everyone else passionate about AI to join our event! RSVP now at 

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