Migrate from Dapr Open Source to the AKS Dapr Extension with zero down-time

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You've installed and configured Dapr open source (OSS) on your Kubernetes cluster and want to migrate to the fully supported Dapr extension on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Until recently, migration from OSS to the Dapr extension required you to uninstall Dapr OSS from your clusters and install the Dapr extension for AKS, resulting in down-time.


Now, you can seamlessly move your managed clusters from Dapr OSS to the Dapr extension with no down-time at all. Simply let the Dapr extension know about your existing Dapr (using its Helm release name), so it can immediately upgrade your Dapr instance along with the resources (CRDs)


Learn more about how to Migrate from Dapr OSS to the Dapr extension for AKS.

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