Exporting policy configurations from the Cloud Policy service

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Do you need to document the policies that are configured for the users in your organization for compliance or other needs?  The Cloud Policy service for Microsoft 365 just added a new feature that allows you to export your policy configurations to CSV format.


Simply select the policy configuration, click Export, and your browser will prompt you to Open or Save the CSV file.



When you open the CSV, you will notice there are two sections.  The first section includes general information about the policy configuration, including: 

  • Name
  • Description
  • Priority
  • Scope
  • Groups
  • Last modified
  • Last modified by

The second section includes detailed information about each policy that is configured along with the individual policy settings and their values.  These fields include:

  • App ID
    Unique ID that identifies the application for which the policy is scoped
  • Setting Name
    Name of the policy as shown in the Cloud Policy service
  • Setting ID
    Unique ID for the setting
  • Value
    The value stored for that setting
  • Value Name
    The name of the value when written to the registry
  • Value Type
    The type of value when written to the registry

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