ADX Web UI updates – December 2022

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Welcome to the December 2022 update. We are excited to announce new features and improvements in ADX web explorer.

Continue reading to learn more about:

  1. Ingest preexisting Event Hub events
  2. JPath viewer
  3. KQL editor
  4. Find my partner dashboard


Ingest preexisting Event Hub events


ADX can now ingest Event Hub data that existed before the creation of an Event Hub data connection in your ADX cluster.

You can use this feature by entering the Event retrieval start date on the Kusto Web UI ingestion wizard (One-Click)


JPath Viewer


JPath notation describes the path to one or more elements in a JSON document. Using the JPath viewer in a result’s expanded view, allows you to quickly get a specific element of a JSON text, and easily copy its path expression. This is extremely useful when performing investigation of data (i.e., query results) that contain dynamic fields.




KQL Editor


In the new menu of the Query command bar, you can now do the following:

  • Duplicated the query in focus
  • Open the editor command palette
  • Open keyboard shortcuts documentation



Find My Partner Dashboard


“Find my partner” program is an extension of the existing Microsoft Partner ecosystem and has the goal to make a faster connection between ADX customers and partners. It already includes 20+ partners, and the list is constantly growing.

To see this list and start an engagement with ADX partner, navigate to our home page and click on the "Find my partner" button. This will create a new built-in dashboard for you which you can edit further or simply save to your list of existing ADX dashboards.



Read more about this program - Find my partner - Microsoft Community Hub



Azure Data Explorer Web UI team is looking forward to your feedback. Help us improve the product by sending feedback to

You can also submit new ideas or vote for other ideas via -

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