What Opportunities Do I Have as a Student?

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Every year, organizations like Microsoft invest massively in empowering students as this prepares the next generation to take over the world. Microsoft's mission is to 'empower everyone including students with access to the right tools and opportunities'. But why is Microsoft willing to invest in you? 


At Microsoft we want to invest in as many people as possible because we strongly believe that everyone can build amazing solutions when guided and provided with the right tools and resources. Students are the future; it is important therefore that we help them get this right early enough so they don’t have to spend years doing the wrong things and realizing later they could have done it better.


What are some of these opportunities we’ve provided?


1. Free Learning Resources for Students: Starting a tech career can be a very daunting task, especially if you're not sure where to begin. Since the tech industry is constantly evolving, it is now much more difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. But with the right knowledge and skills, you can land a rewarding and lucrative career in tech. To help you kickstart your tech career, we have created a collection with lots of free learning resources for you.


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2. Become a Microsoft Community Leader on CampusHeard of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program? It’s a great opportunity for students all over the world to be part of a community that would support them on their journey to empower other students within their institutions. 

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors have access to 

Sign up for the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program!


3. Free Certification for Students: Certifications are a great way to stand out from others, they go a long way in boosting your confidence, help you land a new job, get a promotion or even attract more clients. Microsoft certifications offers numerous opportunities, not just for developers but also low code citizen developers. Did you know that as a student, you have access to write 8 Microsoft fundamental certification exams for free?

Learn more about Microsoft free certifications for students!


4. Free Azure for Student Subscription: Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Azure for Students gets you started with $100 in Azure credits to be used within the first 12 months, plus access to free services like Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Notification Hubs and others without requiring a credit card from you when signing up.

Learn how to activate your Azure for Student subscription.


5. Compete and win $100,000 and Mentorship with Satya Nadella: Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the premier global student technology competition that offers students the opportunity to unleash their passion and purpose to develop inspiring leading-edge technology solutions that could make a difference in the world.  Students can tap into their entrepreneurial side and actively take steps towards bringing their ideas to life and making their dreams come true. Along the way, they connect with like-minded people, gain new skills, obtain training and mentorship, and have the chance to win cash prizes!

Sign up for Imagine Cup!


6. Microsoft Founders Hub: Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a digital platform that provides all startup founders with free resources to build a successful startup. This opportunity is open to anyone with an idea, including students. 

Founders participating in the program get up to $150,000 free Azure credits, mentorship guidance from business leaders and technical experts, access to free software, access to powerful development and productivity tools including GitHub and Microsoft 365.

Sign up for Microsoft Founders Hub here.


7. Work at Microsoft: Yes, as a student, you can work at Microsoft. There are several global internship at Microsoft yearly. check https://careers.microsoft.com, filter by internship and you will see opportunities for you 


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