Three tips to a comprehensive data security strategy

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The global market for data security solutions is growing rapidly. The increasing volume of sensitive data, multi-cloud hybrid environments, and the growing threat of cyber-attacks and internal data breaches primarily drives it. Of organizations surveyed in 2022, 83% have experienced more than one data breach, and internal actors within the organization caused 20% of those breaches. The average cost of one data breach was approximately 4.2 million dollars. How can organizations minimize these risks?


This month's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks will discuss how customers can plan a comprehensive data protection strategy as they continue their digital transformation efforts. We will cover how to balance data security and productivity and create an end-to-end protection strategy.


Raman Kaylan, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Security and a former host of this Uncovering Hidden Risks podcast, joins current host Erica Toelle as the episode guest. Our guest host is Liz Willets, a Sr. Product Marketing Manager on the Microsoft Purview team who leads the cross-suite efforts around data security solutions.


Together, we'll explore how comprehensive data security can protect your organization. 


In this episode, we'll cover the following: 

  • Why a comprehensive data security approach is an important consideration for companies today. 
  • How you can implement comprehensive data security without hindering employee productivity.
  • How teams can get started on their data security strategy.
  • What steps teams and companies can take to implement an effective data security strategy.

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Please see this blog for more information about how Adaptive Protection in Microsoft Purview helps provide people-centric data protection for a multiplatform world.


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