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Welcome to Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter - March 2023 - the official monthly newsletter for Microsoft's Logic Apps Aviators community. Catch up on Microsoft news from us and our community.



In this issue:


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News from our product group




Microsoft Customer Story-SPAR NL readies for the future of retail with Azure Integration Services


SPAR NL readies for the future of retail with Azure Integration Services



Static IP of Logic App Standard using NAT Gateway  


Route Logic App Standard traffic through your Virtual Network through specified static public IP address(es).




.NET Framework assembly support added to Azure Logic Apps (Standard) XSLT transformations 


BizTalk Extension Object support is now available within the Transform XML action. Even better news is this functionality has reached General Availability and can be used in BizTalk Server - Azure Integration Services migrations.



Application Insights enhancements for Azure Logic Apps (Standard) - Preview


We have recently published an update to how we emit telemetry for Application Insights in Azure Logic Apps (Standard). This new update is currently in Public Preview and is an opt-in feature for customers. It can be enabled without introducing risk to your telemetry. For customers who choose not to opt in, they will continue to emit telemetry using the existing method.



A walkthrough of parameterization of different connection types in Logic App Standard


For deploying workflows across different environments, one of the important activities is to parameterize the API connections. With the latest update of the logic apps extension (starting on version 1.0.40) parametrization of the Logic Apps Standard apps becomes easier, as now both runtime and designer support the interpolation of app settings or parameter references.



SAP event orchestration hands-on with LogicApps and cloud compliant ABAP  


A full day workshop walking you through all the relevant (legacy + modern) SAP interfaces and how to integrate them with Azure and M365 through Logic Apps. Events raised on SAP are processed through Azure Event Grid. 


News from our community



Azure Managed Identities - Why are you not using them everywhere?  

Post by Simon Clendon


Look into this post by Simon Clendon, to understand what is Azure Managed Identities, the different flavours, and how you can take advantage of this this security construct on Logic Apps! 


Managed Identity on Azure (Walkthrough).  

Post by Mohammed Brückner


Learn by example with this post by Mohammed Brückner - it will show you how to implement Manage Identity on a real life logic apps workflow.


Fix Logic App Connections Managed Identity errors in Bicep templates – siliconvalve  

Post by Simon Waight


If you are having trouble your Logic Apps Connections using Bicep that uses Managed Identity, this post by Simon Waight can be quite handy. Here Simon shows how to troubleshoot and fix errors he found when using this deployment method.



Identify all inbound HTTP Logic Apps endpoints in your Azure Environment

Post by Toon Vanhoutte


Toon Vanhoutte raised to a challenge posted by one of our community members on Twitter - Mark Brimble (and yes, he used #LogicAppsAviators for visibility). The result? A nice kusto query that shows how to find all the HTTP endpoints for Logic Apps in your subscription. To find how, click the link! 


Monitoring your Azure Logic Apps workflows in an advanced way with telemetries

Post by Stefano Demiliani


Stefano Demiliani shows you the various ways you an monitor Logic Apps Workflows. Why? In his own words: "When you have different Azure Logic Apps workflows running in your cloud-based solution, monitoring them is essential and crucial." We couldn't agree more!


Missed triggers in Azure Logic App (Consumption)

Post by Amit Prakash


In this post, Amit Prakash shares how he troubleshooted triggers failing on a singleton scenario. You will learn some troubleshooting techniques and some details about advanced settings on Logic Apps too. 

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