Update to Graphics Ecosystem Measures

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Driver Servicing leverages three types of measures when assessing the quality of a driver; standard, expanded, and ecosystem. Where standard & expanded measures assess drivers that match targeting constraints of the shipping label, ecosystem audiences expand data collection beyond a driver’s targeting constraints to reduce sampling noise and increase the measures’ statistical significance. These measures collect telemetry from any machine that downloaded the driver from any source, including untargeted machines that downloaded an identical version of the driver. A graphics driver is considered identical to another driver when they share the same Driver INF Version.


New Measure Dimension Capabilities

Historically, our telemetry systems required creating separate ecosystem specific measures when leveraging this audience type. This was displayed most prominently in the graphics category:


As part of recent work overhauling how our driver measures are built, this separation of a single evaluation criteria (ex. Driver Crashes and Hangs in Windows Components <=15.00) into multiple measures for different audience types is no longer required. Moving forward we will begin phasing out our ecosystem specific measures as our standard evaluation measures will automatically fallback to an ecosystem audience when insufficient standard or expanded audience data is available. In this case you’ll see a reference in the rejection messaging indicating that an Ecosystem Audience  was used for the evaluation.


{[Ecosystem Audience] Measure ID 21839288 :: "[DDP] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Windows Components" :: 632.34 (VALUE) <= 15.00 (TARGET) :: VSO ID: 43939583; PUID: 806773; HOP: 1316.92 (REJECTED)}


Graphics Measures Being Deprecation and Updated Navigation For Graphics Support Documentation

As part of this work, the following ecosystem measures will no longer being used for evaluation and will be removed from the measure dictionary.

  • 16507562: [Ecosystem] KM: Devices with Bluescreens in Drivers on Discrete GPUs
  • 23253402: [Ecosystem] KM: Devices with Bluescreens in Drivers on Integrated GPUs
  • 20350972: [Ecosystem] KM: Devices with TDRs in Drivers on Discrete GPUs
  • 24633147: [Ecosystem] KM: Devices with TDRs in Drivers on Integrated GPUs
  • 25912731: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Communication and Collaboration Applications
  • 20240835: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Creative Applications
  • 25389120: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
  • 20240794: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Microsoft Photos
  • 17377268: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Top Microsoft Applications
  • 20240811: [Ecosystem] UM: Driver Crashes and Hangs in Windows Components
  • 26124773: [Ecosystem] Driver Rollbacks or Reinstallations within 2 Days of Installation
  • 27057557: [Ecosystem] WinML: Devices with Runtime Error (GPU Session Only)

For the next few months these entries will remain active in the measure dictionary as they are reflected in reports shared previously with driver publishers. These will eventually be phased out in Q3 2023. At that time, we will also be phasing out the separate categories for Standard vs. Ecosystem measures inside our docs.microsoft.com navigation as this additional layer is no longer necessary.

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