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Windows Update for Business reports is the evolution of the Update Compliance solution. Its integration with multiple Microsoft 365 tools, Azure Monitor, and Log Analytics allows you to build custom reports with actionable data and insights. Interested in monitoring quality updates? Expedited security updates? Feature updates? Driver updates? Delivery optimization? Check out all of the capabilities, prerequisites, and guidance to customize your own compliance journey today.

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Now generally available: Windows Update for Business reports

Take a look at our big announcement with the inside look at the Windows Update for Business reports. Visualize organizational and device-level reporting and actionable data and insights. Follow the enrollment and transition steps to get started today.

(8 mins)

WUfB Reports + Azure + AAD + Hybrid + Co-Management + Workbooks + DO + KPI + Administrator + Log Analytics


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Windows Update for Business reports prerequisites

Ensure you meet the prerequisites. First, check your essential Azure and Azure AD-related requirements, permissions, OS editions, and servicing channels. Then get to the nitty-gritty details of diagnostic data settings, data transmission requirements, and Log Analytics regions.

(6 mins)

Intune + Azure + MAC + Professional + EDU + Enterprise + Multi-Session + GA + Diagnostic Data + CSP + Group Policy + Endpoint + Log Analytics + Regions


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Step 1. Enable Windows Update for Business reports (7 mins)

To get started, add Windows Update for Business reports to your Azure subscription and configure the clients to send data to build the reports. Read how to do this before venturing into creating a Log Analytics workspace. Note that you can enroll into Windows Update for Business reports through either the Azure Workbook or the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Step 2. Configure Microsoft Intune devices for Windows Update for Business reports (6 mins)

There are several ways to configure clients, and using Intune is a popular one. Follow this guidance to create a configuration profile (the settings catalog or the custom OMA URI-based profile) and deploy the configuration script. This last step is optional but read on to see if it might be helpful for your scenario.

Intune + Azure + Workbook + MAC + MDM + Settings Catalog + OMA URI + Win32 App


watch icon.pngWATCH

Meet the new Windows Update for Business reporting experience

Peek into the hub and stand-alone reports for feature and quality updates. Drill down to access and group details in different ways to customize your report. In this walkthrough, you'll discover compliance assessment, including Windows 11 readiness, as well as actionable recommendations and insights.

(25 mins)

Azure + Azure AD + M365 + Monitor + Workbooks + Feature Update + Security Update + Alerts + Logs + KPI


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Use the workbook for Windows Update for Business reports

Visualize your compliance data step by step. See what you can find within each of the tabs, including different types of updates and Delivery Optimization. Find general and drill-in descriptions of tiles, charts, alerts, and data labels. Finally, learn how to customize the workbook to your organizational needs.

(12 mins)

Azure + Workbooks + Summary + KB + Feature Updates + Quality Updates + DO + Driver Updates + Alerts + Devices


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Delivery Optimization report now generally available

It's here! Browse through the Delivery Optimization (DO) report now available in Windows Update for Business reports. Learn how to customize your DO report for status, aggregated status, and client.

(8 mins)

DO + P2P + Connected Cache + CDM + HTTP + GroupID + City + Country + ISP + Azure + Bandwidth + Log Analytics


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Windows Update for Business reports: access and region control

Route your data more flexibly and in an expanded set of regions. Brush up on essential security principles for access control. Then walk through seven steps to start routing data to separate secured workspaces with our new Ansible solution on GitHub. Join the preview today!

(12 mins)

Access + Region + RBAC + MS Graph + Log Analytics + Security + Azure + Workbook + Ansible + GitHub

That's the third one of our three-course skilling snack on Windows Update for Business! Missed the other two? See Skilling snack: Using Windows Update for Business and Skilling snack: Windows Update for Business deployment service.

What did you find most helpful for your scenario? Check out Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros for the updated list of resources by topic. Is there a topic you'd like to snack on in the future? We look forward to reading your comments below!

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