Introducing Data Generator for Azure Event Hubs – Public Preview

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We are pleased to announce Data Generator – a new feature in Azure Event Hubs which would let you send/view events without writing a single line of code. No matter if you’re seasoned user for Event Hubs or using it for the first time, setting up end to end streaming pipelines could be done in minutes!  


Why Data Generator? 


Data Generator is a powerful tool that helps you get started with Azure Event Hubs in a simple and easy way. It allows you to stream data into Azure Event Hubs using your own custom payload or one of the pre-defined datasets available in Data Generator. Some of the use cases of Data Generator are: 

  • Building streaming pipelines with Azure Integrated Services like Azure Functions, Logic apps etc. and run quick tests to confirm the end-to-end validation of your pipeline. 
  • Checking the data flow from event hubs to different tools/ services that are consuming/ sending data to event hubs and ensure the data accuracy and consistency. 
  • Debugging or testing your event hub without writing any code and verify its data streaming accuracy. 
  • Creating stunning demos on the fly and showcase your streaming data solutions. 

Data Generator is not meant to replace full-fledged enterprise applications that use AMQP or Kafka to stream events into event hubs. It is designed to help you take the first steps while you are onboarding to Azure Event Hubs. 


How to use Data Generator to stream data? 

 With the Data Generator embedded in Azure Portal Event Hub experience, you can seamlessly generate sample data for your event hub workloads. No need to switch tabs or tools - just find the “Generate data” as a new blade in Azure Portal and start creating realistic data in a snap.  




Please review our Quick Start guide to get started with generation and streaming of data via Data generator.

We are all ears for your feedback. Did you love streaming data with our Data generator? Tell us all about it by clicking on the “Feedback” button on top of Data Generator Portal experience. 


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