Microsoft Purview DevOps policies API is now public

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Many of our sophisticated customers prefer to interface with Microsoft Purview via scripts rather than via the UI. Microsoft Purview DevOps policies now support a REST API offering full CRUD capability (listing, policies for SQL Performance Monitor, policies for SQL Security Auditor). See the spec here:




What are Microsoft Purview DevOps policies used for? Through DevOps policies, you provision access to database system metadata at-scale, securely and inexpensively. Learn more here.

Who needs access to database system metadata? Your internal IT/DevOps personnel or your external contractors that are tasked with monitoring health, tuning performance, and reviewing audit information in SQL systems.


Microsoft Purview DevOps policies are now generally available for two data sources: Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022 (Arc-enabled). You can also enroll in the private preview of DevOps policies for Azure SQL MI here.

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