Azure Marketplace new offers – August 3, 2023

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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 85 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Aaiena Fitting Gateway.png

Aaiena Fitting Gateway: Reduce returns due to fit by offering a My Size button on your e-commerce website or app. Customers can use it to enter basic details and upload images, and My Size provides the best fit recommendation.

Active Directory on Windows Server 2022.jpg

Active Directory on Windows Server 2022: This fully pre-loaded and fast-deploying virtual machine comes with a Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services role, DNS server role, remote administration tools for Active Directory, DNS, and the required Microsoft PowerShell modules.

Apple Search Ads to Azure SQL.png

Apple Search Ads to Azure SQL: provides ETL/ELT data pipelines that are cloud-based and require no maintenance. These pipelines load your data from Apple Search Ads into Microsoft Azure SQL, and let you merge data between different sources.

AssetAccountant for Business.png

AssetAccountant for Business: This powerful cloud-based fixed asset depreciation, lease, and hire purchase calculation engine helps you stay compliant as its automated workflows minimize manual entry and time spent managing fixed asset registers and your lease book.

Autviz Proplix.png

Autviz Proplix: Proplix is an e-commerce profitability calculator that determines what revenue you make from sales and what goes to business expenses like ads, shipping, taxes, packaging, and more. You’ll get accurate insights into revenue and expenses you can use to maximize profits.

Autviz Zopoxo.png

Autviz Zopoxo: Zopoxo is an e-commerce management platform with a comprehensive suite of automated solutions for online brands, designed to simplify and optimize inventory management, order processing, customer support, marketing, and analytics.

Bonobo Git Server with Windows Server 2016.jpg

Bonobo Git Server with Windows Server 2016: Bonobo Git Server is a web application you can install on your IIS that provides easy management and access to self-hosted Git repositories on your server. This image from Virtual Pulse is optimized and carefully pre-configured to work on Microsoft Azure.

Bonobo Git Server with Windows Server 2019.jpg

Bonobo Git Server with Windows Server 2019: Bonobo Git Server shows you a list of all available repositories you’ve created, as well as the contributors, administrators, and teams assigned. This image from Virtual Pulse is optimized and carefully pre-configured to work on Microsoft Azure.

Business Process Management Platform.png

Business Process Management Platform: Mavim’s Business Process Management Platform (BPM) looks deep into your operations and connects to data sources so you can see each process in terms of customer impact and optimize processes with the goal of customer satisfaction.

Coconut ERP.png

Coconut ERP: This cloud-based ERP from RARR Technologies helps small and medium enterprises focus on processes and manage operations more efficiently, providing visibility to every plant and site in a single, intelligent dashboard.

Debian 10 with MariaDB 10.5.jpg

Debian 10 with MariaDB 10.5: MariaDB is adaptable enterprise database software that can handle transactional, analytical, or hybrid workloads as well as relational or document data. Virtual Pulse provides Debian 10 with MariaDB 10.5, fully pre-configured and ready to deploy in Microsoft Azure.

Debian 10 with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server.jpg

Debian 10 with Minecraft Bedrock Game Server: Virtual Pulse provides a ready-to-run server for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft on Debian 10, fully pre-configured and cloud-hardened to be ready to run and deploy on Microsoft Azure.

Debian 10 with MongoDB 4.4.jpg

Debian 10 with MongoDB 4.4: MongoDB is a general-purpose, document-based, distributed production-ready database. Virtual Pulse provides MongoDB 4.4 optimized and carefully pre-configured on Debian 10, ready to work on Microsoft Azure.

DNS Server (IaaS) for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.jpg

DNS Server (IaaS) for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: BIND is a popular DNS system that can work as an ISP-level name server, a public DNS server, a caching server, or a local name server for internal network maintenance. This fully pre-configured build from Tidal Media on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is easy to deploy.

Docker Advanced on Debian 10.jpg

Docker Advanced on Debian 10: This platform for rapidly developing, testing, and deploying applications helps developers safely run applications in isolated containers that behave exactly like production servers. When testing is complete, publish directly to the server or a private cloud.

Docker Compose on Debian 10.jpg

Docker Compose on Debian 10: Docker Compose offers features like container networking, environment variables, and volumes to help developers create, deploy, and manage applications. It also provides an easy command-line interface for effortless application management.

Docker Compose on Debian 11.jpg

Docker Compose on Debian 11: With Docker Compose, you can scale services up or down based on your application’s needs. It provides support for multiple languages so developers can quickly write applications in their preferred language, and it can be used to deploy applications to multiple platforms.

Elvis CRM.png

Elvis CRM: Elvis Customer Relationship Management is a budget-friendly solution for making customers happy by ensuring seamless end-to-end sales automation. Its user-friendly dashboard is customizable to fit your requirements, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Elvis Education ERP.png

Elvis Education ERP: Elvis Education Enterprise Resource Planning is a simple, clutter-free campus automation solution. Use it to automate all office procedures across the campus to save time and digitally reduce your workload.

Event Nerve.png

Event Nerve: Event Nerve provides the resources you need to create great events. Use it to prepare for events with online registration, RFID and QR code authentication, and travel and accommodation. On the day of the event, oversee attendance, cashless payments, digital message boards, and more.

Examsbook LMS.png

Examsbook LMS: With Examsbook Learning Management System, you can access a wide range of tools, resources, and interactive features to help you navigate through courses and materials easily within its seamless managerial environment for learning and development.

ExtraaEdge Education CRM.png

ExtraaEdge Education CRM: ExtraaEdge offers educational institutions a single-window approach to seamless lead management and marketing automation to enhance your admissions process. It provides a centralized hub to consolidate all lead data, so no potential student slips through the cracks.

Gitea - Git Server on Debian 10.jpg

Gitea - Git Server on Debian 10: Gitea is a highly customizable open-source Git platform designed to be fast and easy to use. You can customize its appearance, add custom functions using plugins, and integrate it with other tools and services.

Gitea - Git Server on Debian 11.jpg

Gitea - Git Server on Debian 11: Gitea is an open-source, self-hosted Git service that provides a convenient way for individuals and teams to manage Git repositories. Use it track and resolve issues, collaborate using pull requests, and even create a wiki for your project.

Gitea - Git Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.jpg

Gitea - Git Server on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This Git service provides tools for creating and managing repositories, collaborating on code, documenting project, automating development workflows, managing users, and integrating with other applications and services.

Gogs - Git Service on Debian 10.jpg

Gogs - Git Service on Debian 10: Gogs is a self-hosted Git server that offers powerful collaboration and code management features. It includes a built-in code review system, powerful issue tracking, and a built-in chat system so teams can easily communicate.

Gogs - Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.jpg

Gogs - Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Gogs is a great choice for organizations that need a simple Git server for their development teams. It runs smoothly, even on low-end hardware or virtual private servers, ensuring a fast and responsive user experience.


Gowhizz: Gowhizz specializes in end-to-end goods mobility services in India. It offers comprehensive road transport solutions, including trucks, taxis, parcels, and delivery services in a seamless cargo ecosystem. Services include e-commerce logistics, warehousing, cross-border logistics, and more.

GST Billing Software.png

GST Billing Software: This solution designed for small and medium businesses in India creates professional GST invoices in seconds that can be shared via email and WhatsApp. It also manages inventory, manages estimates and quotes, and even converts estimates and quotes into invoices.

GYAANi auto-BOT.png

GYAANi auto-BOT: GYANNi auto-BOT is an intelligent automation engine that provides reusable intelligent service automation solution catalogues and helps build custom ones. It provides autonomous execution of enterprise services that demand repeatably consistent, reliable, accurate outcomes.

GYAANi work-BOT.png

GYAANi work-BOT: This enterprise level AI platform acts as its user’s digital twin, performing business tasks and software related activities. It makes organizations more self-reliant by moving towards an AI-powered “machine first” model for enterprise services.

Institute Management System.png

Institute Management System: This system from Skill Monks automates your educational institution’s operations from lead to learning management. Use it to create an around-the-clock learning ecosystem, offer a mobile app for students, and handle multi-brand and multi-course operations.

Interview Copilot.png

Interview Copilot: BarRaiser’s AI-powered Interview Copilot presents questions from your interview plan on your screen so you can concentrate on conducting the interview. Use effective custom interview question sets that align with the candidate’s profile, ensuring a personalized interview experience.

Interview Platform.png

Interview Platform: Elevate your hiring process with BarRaiser’s video interview platform. Get real-time recommendations for follow-up questions as the discussion happens and ensure compliance with illegal question detection powered by BarRaiser AI.

JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform.png

JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform: The JFrog Platform unifies, accelerates, and secures software delivery from dev to device. It serves as a single system of record for DevOps and security teams, powering the automation of software updates at scale.

Joomla Secured and Supported by HOSSTED.png

Joomla Secured and Supported by HOSSTED: Joomla is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content that includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, search, and support for language internationalization.

Kalolytic KreditGRO.png

Kalolytic KreditGRO: KreditGRO is a fully configurable AI-based lending platform that automates the entire loan process, from application to disbursement and beyond. It enables banks and financial institutions to make smarter decisions, lower costs, ensure compliance, and drive innovation.

Kimai Secured and Supported by HOSSTED.png

Kimai Secured and Supported by HOSSTED: Kimai is an open-source time tracking solution that tracks work time and provides a summary of your activities on demand, yearly, monthly, daily, by customer, or by project. Its browser-based interface allows it to run on any platform, even mobile devices.

Lightdash Secured and Supported by HOSSTED.png

Lightdash Secured and Supported by HOSSTED: Lightdash instantly turns data build tool (dbt) projects into full-stack business intelligence (BI) platforms. Analysts write the metrics and Lightdash enables self-service use for everyone throughout the business.


Listerr: Listerr is an online marketplace in India that provides a Neobank-enabled payment gateway, AI-assisted catalog management, announcements and ads, QR code support, and hyperlocal delivery that brings orders to customers within an hour.

Listerr Boards.png

Listerr Boards: Sellers in India can use Listerr Boards to create an enhanced shopping experience for customers. Share information about your brands and products, add testimonials, stories, how-to videos, and recipes, and promote your brand to make sure you reach a relevant, hyperlocal target market.

Mailchimp to Azure SQL.png

Mailchimp to Azure SQL: Use this data pipeline from to stream your email marketing data from Mailchimp to Microsoft Azure SQL. By storing all your data in a high-performance cloud warehouse, you can perform tasks ranging from basic reporting to intricate ad-hoc queries.

MicroNXT QuickPOS.png

MicroNXT QuickPOS: This cloud-based point of sale (POS) system is designed for chain and franchise retail businesses. It works with touch screens, has multiple backend interfaces, and integrates with payment hardware, inventory management, and kitchen order ticket (KOT) management.

Questy - AI-Powered Talent Assessment Platform.png

Questy - AI-Powered Talent Assessment Platform: This online assessment and proctoring platform helps businesses and educational institutions evaluate skills effectively and hire the right talent, streamlining the selection process through real-time analysis of recruitment metrics.


QuInPro: QuInPro is specialized software for kitchen manufacturers that facilitates effortless generations of quotes, bills of material, and production slips, streamlining the entire production workflow. It quickly generates reports, including sales, GST, purchase, stock, and delivery challan.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to Azure SQL.png

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to Azure SQL:’s pipeline streams your marketing data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure SQL so you can perform tasks ranging from basic reporting to intricate ad-hoc queries, and conveniently merge data between different sources.


Salessound: Salessound helps sales leaders motivate and engage teams with feedback and insights rather than using bare metrics alone. Use it to enable more effective, wider-view management and team development and easily manage all aspects of performance instead of just targets.

Speed Dialer.png

Speed Dialer: With lightning-fast dialing, an intuitive interface, customized speed dial, and smart contact management, Speed Dialer from Scuti Tech can revolutionize how you connect with business prospects. It also features a detailed call history log with a record of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Starbound Game Server on Windows Server 2022.jpg

Starbound Game Server on Windows Server 2022: Tidal Media provides Starbound Game Server configured and ready to run on Windows Server 2022 on Azure. Images from Tidal media are pre-tested for readiness and compatibility.


StoreNXT: StoreNXT is a bridge between B2B and B2C businesses and their end customers, providing local outreach, geotagging, instant deliveries and tracking, in-store pickup, promotions and discount management, and more.


SureMatch: SureMatch automates the scrutiny and vetting of complex documents using AI and ML while ensuring enhanced compliance and faster turnaround times. It breaks down complex documents with unstructured data into simple tasks so they can be easily processed by people.


SureXtract: SureXtract is an AI/ML-powered document analytics solution that extracts data from documents in various templates and formats accurately for deeper analysis. It’s proven to accurately read financial documents and has fully automated features with human-in-loop capability.

Twitter Ads to Azure SQL.png

Twitter Ads to Azure SQL:’s data pipeline lets you load all of your Twitter ad data into Microsoft Azure SQL and update it regularly. Use it for various tasks from basic reporting to intricate ad-hoc queries, and conveniently merge data between different sources.

Twitter Organic to Azure SQL.png

Twitter Organic to Azure SQL: Use this pipeline from to load Twitter data into Microsoft Azure SQL and keep it updated. Then you can perform various tasks such as basic reporting and intricate ad-hoc queries, and the solution lets you merge data between different sources.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with MongoDB 4.4.jpg

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with MongoDB 4.4: Virtual Pulse provides a MongoDB image that’s pre-configured and ready to run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Microsoft Azure. MongoDB is a scalable, high performance NoSQL database that stores data in JSON for flexible and dynamic schemas.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with MongoDB 4.4.jpg

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with MongoDB 4.4: MongoDB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database that supports document-based queries without complex JOIN requests. This build from Virtual Pulse is pre-configured and ready to run on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Microsoft Azure.

WAMP Server on Windows Server 2019.jpg

WAMP Server on Windows Server 2019: WAMP Server is a powerful platform for web development. This assembly from Tidal Media all you need to create dynamic web applications: Apache web server, PHP programming language, MySQL, and other supporting software like phpMyAdmin.


YouCast: YouCast is a feature-rich over-the-top (OTT) platform for offering audio and video content online. Users can register securely, access the content, and enjoy high-quality playback on various devices. It features personalized recommendations, search, filtering, and multi-language support.


YouToken: This token-based digital payment application from Onie Soft is supported by blockchain technology to ensure security, transparency, and efficiency. It offers global accessibility, reduced transaction costs, and enhanced regulatory compliance.

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Enterprise Threat, Incident, and Compliance Management Service.png

Enterprise Threat, Incident, and Compliance Management Service: John Keells offers enterprise threat, incident, and compliance management service using Microsoft Sentinel to proactively detect and mitigate security threats and maintain compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Enterprise Zero Trust Strategy and Journey Map.png

Enterprise: Zero-Trust Strategy and Journey Map: John Keells will help your organization implement a zero-trust security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces hybrid and multi-cloud workplaces, and ensures security.

Hybrid Infra Management Though Azure Arc.png

Hybrid Infrastructure Management Though Azure Arc: John Keells IT will help you make the most of your existing investments by using Microsoft Azure Arc to create cloud-native apps using a uniform development, operations, and security strategy.

Implementation and Support for Microsoft Defender for Cloud.png

Implementation and Support for Microsoft Defender for Cloud: JTP offers customers in Japan support services for implementing and operating Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This service is ideal for customers with no dedicated security personnel.

Microsoft Fabric Discovery 4-Hour Workshop.png

Microsoft Fabric Discovery: 4-Hour Workshop: Microsoft Fabric is a complete enterprise analytics solution that covers everything from data movement to data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. Lingaro will provide a practical showcase to assess how Fabric fits your data strategy.

Microsoft Fabric Evaluation 5-Day Proof of Concept.png

Microsoft Fabric Evaluation: 5-Day Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from Lingaro will evaluate the possibilities and benefits that Microsoft Fabric can offer your enterprise with a use case that will cover data engineering or data science.

Multi-Cloud Security Operation Service 12-Month Implementation.png

Multi-Cloud Security Operation Service: 12-Month Implementation: JTP offers customers in Japan a specialized security team that will monitor and operate multi-cloud workloads and applications. This service is ideal for companies with no dedicated security personnel.

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SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP5 (ARM64) with Around-the-Clock Support

SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP5 with Around-the-Clock Support

SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP5 with Patching

SUSE Enterprise Linux for SAP 15 SP5 Hardened with Around-the-Clock Support

SUSE Enterprise Linux for SAP 15 SP5 with Around-the-Clock Support

SUSE Enterprise Linux HPC 15 SP5 - BYOS

SUSE Enterprise Linux HPC 15 SP5 with Around-the-Clock Support

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 - BYOS (ARM64)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 - BYOS (x86_64)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 - Hardened BYOS (x86_64)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 for SAP - BYOS

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 for SAP - Hardened BYOS

Unicorn Digital Courtroom - Enhanced

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