Combine insights with outside data and apps using data egress via MGDC

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We are excited to announce the private preview release of data egress with flexible query support via Microsoft Graph Data Connect (MGDC). Egress via MGDC enables customers to build custom analytical scenarios by exporting and combining insights from Viva Insights with data or apps outside of Viva Insights. As such, they can build integrated experiences (e.g., directly into line of business apps like CRM) or create more comprehensive analyses (e.g., for workspace planning).  


Using MGDC, customers can now export any subset of Viva Insights attributes and metrics to Azure, including those from our Power BI templates or their custom-created person, meeting, and cross-collaboration queries. 


The MGDC export solution replaces the OData Export that was available in Workplace Analytics. Compared to the previous solution, MGDC is more scalable and secure, with the following benefits:  


  • It allows for seamless data access at scale with integrations to the Azure toolchain to enable an accelerated path to insights. 
  • It empowers administrators to review and explicitly consent to the types and amounts of data that applications may consume​.  
  • It alleviates concerns and allows organizations to establish detailed data governance policies about how sensitive data is handled, keeping customer data within a single, trusted service boundary​.  


This is currently available only for select customers. Others can sign up for access by sending us an email at 

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