Announcing Public Preview of NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 VMs offering 400K IOPS and 10GBps throughput

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On May 5th, 2023, we announced increased remote storage performance with NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 VMs now generally available, offering up to 260,000 IOPS (I/O operations per second) and 8,000MBps of remote disk storage throughput.


Today, we are announcing a Public Preview of accelerated remote storage performance using Azure Premium SSD v2 or Ultra disk and selected sizes within the existing NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 family. The higher storage performance is offered on the E96bsv5 and E112ibsv5 VM sizes and delivers up to 400K IOPS (I/O operations per second) and 10GBps of remote disk storage throughput.
This Public Preview of accelerated NVMe-Ebsv5 with increased remote storage performance is part of the Azure Boost family, which upgrades the fleet with these new capabilities.


We recently announced Microsoft Azure Boost Preview; Azure Boost enables greater network and storage performance at scale, improves security by adding another layer of logical isolation, and reduces the maintenance impact for future Azure software and hardware upgrades. 


This Public Preview is initially available in the US East, and more regions are to be added soon. The pricing details are available here.


Key benefits of the latest NVMe-based Ebsv5 VM sizes with Ultra and Premium SSD v2 disks

With the growing demand for high-volume data-intensive operations, customers frequently deploy a range of workloads, including online transaction processing, data warehousing, and analytical applications. To cater to these demands, the Ebsv5 VMs offer customers the performance to scale without rearchitecting their applications while reducing the cost of infrastructure and licensed commercial software running on those instances. While the Ebsv5 VMs fulfill performance needs for many crucial business applications, some intensive on-premises database environments require even greater VM-to-disk throughput and IOPS performance per core.


To address this challenge, the latest NVMe-Ebsv5 virtual machine series now offers even higher storage performance to meet this demand. By leveraging NVMe-based technology over Ultra or Premium SSD v2 disk options, these latest NVMe Ebsv5 VMs provide the necessary performance without requiring any major application reconfigurations.


Ebsv5/Ebdsv5 series NVMe VM specifications

The following NVMe-enabled VM sizes offer up to 400,000 IOPS and 10,000MBps using Ultra disk and Premium V2 storage offerings.






Max uncached disk throughput



Max burst uncached disk throughput



Standard_E96bs_v5/ Standard_E96bds_v5





Standard_E112ibs_v5/ Standard_E112ibds_v5






Note: Additional Ebsv5/Ebdsv5 sizes will support increased remote storage performance specifications in GA


Join the Preview

Learn more about the NVMe Ebsv5 and Ebdsv5 VMs by reading the FAQ. For pricing information, check out Windows and Linux. Also, please verify the Ultra disk and Premium SSD V2 regional availability to pair with the NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 series. Finally, if you need help selecting the best VM for your workload, start with the virtual machine selector.

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