Entra Authentication for Replication in Arc-enabled SQL Server 2022 CU 6 in Public Preview

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As of SQL Server 2022 Cumulative Update (CU) 6, configuring replication using authentication with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) is currently in public preview.


Previously, Windows authentication and SQL authentication were the only supported methods to validate identities when configuring replication in SQL server. The introduction of Microsoft Entra authentication as a security option for replication leverages existing Microsoft Entra integration with SQL Server powered by Azure Arc to enable cloud-based identity management for on-premises SQL Server instances. Nothing has changed with replication functionality as the configuration simply adds a new authentication method. This latest feature improvement extends the authentication modes for a user connecting to the replication Publisher and Subscriber to support the following Microsoft Entra authentication types:

  •  Password
  •  Service principal
  •  Integrated

The following replication types can be configured with Microsoft Entra authentication in Arc-enabled SQL Server 2022 CU 6 and higher:

  • Transactional replication
  • Snapshot replication
  • Merge replication


Benefits of using Microsoft Entra authentication for replication                                                


Enabling Microsoft Entra authentication for replication extends the availability of Microsoft Entra ID authentication to on-premises SQL environments that use replication. Customers can take advantage of Microsoft Entra ID’s centralized cloud-based identity management and streamline Microsoft Entra adoption across their workflows beyond the initial user login. Fully integrating with Microsoft Entra ID for all workloads improves security by allowing customers to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logins and get new Microsoft Entra security functionality.


Configure Microsoft Entra authentication for replication with Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server 2022 CU 6


To enable Microsoft Entra authentication for replication, you need the following: 

Although Azure Active Directory has been rebranded to Microsoft Entra ID, the UI in SSMS is taking a bit longer to catch up so, when enabling Replication using the SSMS wizard, you’ll see the option to run the process under a Windows or Azure Active Directory account when you configure agent security, such as the following screenshots:








Next steps


Install SQL Server 2022 CU 6 or update your current SQL Server 2022 instance to CU 6, onboard your server to Azure Arc, and configure Microsoft Entra authentication. Share your experiences with us and let us know in the comments.


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