Your guide to the Azure app innovation experience at Microsoft Ignite 2023

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When it comes to AI innovation, developers are at the forefront of harnessing solutions that enable the swift development, deployment, and secure management of scalable AI applications. There is no better place to learn more about how you can use your existing enterprise apps to accelerate your AI strategy than Microsoft Ignite 2023! Microsoft Ignite is a hybrid experience with in-person and online sessions where you can engage with industry experts and a vibrant community on everything from cloud-native services to modernizing enterprise applications and more. That’s not all; this year you also have the opportunity to attend .NET Conference 2023, our annual online event open to everyone that focuses on the Microsoft .NET development platform and related technologies.


Read on as we take you through this ultimate guide to the Azure app innovation experience at Ignite (and a bonus conference!)




Check out some of our recommended sessions below.


Microsoft Ignite: App Innovation keynote


BRK233H: Productive and secure end-to-end developer experiences powered by AI

Speakers: Amanda Silver, Filisha Shah, Savannah Ostrowski, Roshanak Zilouchian

Set up a complete engineering system in seconds, contribute from any device, build for any platform, collaborate with anyone with confidence, and scale without limit, that’s our vision. In this session, Amanda Silver will cover the latest developer and DevOps tooling innovations that give developers access to pre-provisioned cloud-driven development environments, while enabling IT organizations to place guardrails to ensure that the infrastructure is efficient, compliant, and cost effective.


Microsoft Ignite: App Modernization


BRK207H: Unlock Innovation with AI by Migrating Enterprise Apps to App Service

Speakers: Scott Hunter, Tulika Chaudharie  

In this breakout session, attendees will learn the ease of migrating on-premises .NET and Java apps to Azure App Service. The session will cover straightforward deployment using built-in support for containers, GitHub, and DevOps. Attendees will also grasp how to enhance app security with SSL, authentication, and firewall features, alongside exploring the latest tools and innovations aimed at reducing migration costs and duration.


DIS606H: Easy App Migration with Production Grade Landing Zones & App Patterns

Speakers: Guy Bowerman, Kunal Babre, Nish Anil, Mayunk Jain  

Join this discussion to gain invaluable insights from our product experts on utilizing Azure Landing Zones to establish a secure and scalable cloud environment for their applications. You will also learn to apply newly published application patterns to ensure a smooth migration of apps to the cloud, minimizing downtime and risk. Through real-world expertise, you will receive the guidance necessary for successful app migration projects.


OD35: Unlocking New Potential: A Guide to Modernizing Your Java Applications

Speaker: Bruno Borges, Michael YenChi Ho

In this session, you will receive a practical roadmap for modernizing your Java applications on Azure. We will delve into effective migration strategies, explore performance tuning techniques, and learn how to integrate with Azure services to optimize your application architecture. This session is aimed at equipping technical decision-makers and practitioners with the essential knowledge to keep Java applications updated and competitive in the evolving technology landscape.


OD37: 10x Java Dev-to-Prod with VS Code, Copilot & Azure Spring Apps

Speaker: Mark Heckler

In this session, tailored for Spring Boot developers, you'll learn to streamline your Java applications from code to cloud. Discover how Azure Spring Apps, co-managed by VMware and Microsoft, seamlessly integrate with VS Code and GitHub Copilot, accelerating development cycles and easing deployments. You'll grasp how to leverage Azure for effective scaling, management, and monitoring, unlocking the full potential of your Java applications in a simplified, efficient manner.


Microsoft Ignite: Integration Services


DIS601H: Accelerate innovation with Azure Integration Services Q&A

Speakers: Clemens Vasters, Divya Swarnkar, Fernando Mejia, Beena More

Businesses have seen a sharp rise in the number of applications they manage. Achieving effective seamless integration across on-premises and multi-cloud environments is not only crucial for efficient operations, but it's also a key strategy to outpace competitors in the market. Join us for an immersive session and get insights from Azure leaders into how Azure Integration Services accelerates innovation, boosts productivity, and promotes a competitive advantage.


Microsoft Ignite: Communication Services


OD28: Transform customer experiences with AI-assisted voice, video and chat

Speakers: Milan Kaur, Shawn Henry

Your communications platform is the front door for customers to reach your business. Are you using traditional one-size fits-all solutions? Learn how to use Azure to elevate and automate your customer interactions with AI. Build faster, human-centric responses with Azure Communication Services – whether text-based through BOTs – or through integrated voice channels – all while providing a seamless escalation path for your teams, with the contextual information they need to respond to customer needs rapidly and effectively.


Microsoft Ignite: Seattle in-person experience


LAB731: Using Copilot Chat to Build a Java AI App in VS Code

Speaker: Brian Benz  

In this hands-on lab, attendees will delve into the functionalities of GitHub Copilot and Copilot Chat within VS Code, gaining practical understanding of this AI pair programmer tool. They will experience real-time coding assistance, learn the art of formulating precise questions, and grasp the essence of prompt engineering to receive optimum coding suggestions, enriching their toolkit for efficient and enhanced programming endeavors.


DEM111: Sneak Peek at the new Azure Migrate App and Code Assessment capability

Speakers: Bruno Borges, Olia Gavrysh  

In this demo, attendees will learn how to utilize the new Azure Migrate capability for assessing .NET and Java applications and code before migrating to Azure App Service. They will be guided on identifying potential issues and dependencies that could affect their migration. Moreover, attendees will explore how to leverage the latest features and capabilities in Azure Migrate to conduct a confident and well-informed assessment of their applications and code for migration.


DEM113: Effective API Management: A Deep Dive on OpenAI + Azure API Management

Speakers: Fernando Mejia, Julia Kasper

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging AI services efficiently is paramount for businesses aiming to innovate and stay competitive. However, harnessing these capabilities requires a robust API management strategy that ensures seamless access, usage tracking, security, compliance, and more. Join us in this session as we delve into the convergence of OpenAI and Azure API Management. We'll explore how combining AI prowess with comprehensive API management.


DEM169: Enhance API Data security with Defender for APIs

Speakers: Ajinkya Gore, Preetham Anand Naik

Unlock the hidden dangers of data exposure through APIs. Join our demo to see Defender for APIs in action and how to safeguard your data from API risks leveraging sensitive data classification, risk prioritization, hardening and real-time API threat monitoring - all within Microsoft Defender for Cloud.


.NET Conference 2023


App Service the best place to host your .NET 8 Web Apps

Speaker: Byron Tardif

.NET 8 is supported on App Service on day 0! Learn about some of the new exciting platform features that will take your .NET 8 workloads to the next level.


From Zero to Hero: Quickly Migrate Web Apps with Azure App Service

Speaker: Gaurav Seth

Learn directly from the Azure migration product experts how to migrate your applications to Azure App Service by performing discovery, assessment and migration using the latest advances in Azure Migrate tooling and PowerShell scripts. See how customers have built intelligent apps in the cloud after migrating and modernizing these on-premises apps with no code changes.


To the cloud with minimal changes: A pattern to make your app reliable

Speakers: Matt Soucoup, Nish Anil

Do you want to move your web app to the cloud without rewriting it from scratch? Do you want to enjoy reliability and resilience benefits without sacrificing your existing codebase? This session will show you how to use essential developer patterns to re-platform your app to Azure with minimal changes. You will learn how to make your app more reliable and add resilience to protect against unexpected downtime in the cloud. And how to provision and deploy your app using the Azure Developer CLI, which lets you manage your infrastructure as code and automate your workflows with GitHub actions. These patterns are the first step in your cloud journey. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to take your app to the cloud with ease and confidence!



Join us at the Microsoft Ignite and .NET Conference

Take advantage of this double-feature to get your fill of exciting learning content that can help propel your app innovation strategy. If you haven’t already, register now for Microsoft Ignite 2023 and add the .NET Conf to your calendars.


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