Introducing gRPC API Support in Azure API Management Self-Hosted Gateway

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We’re excited to announce the public preview of gRPC support in Azure API Management in the self-hosted gateway. This new feature allows customers to manage their gRPC services as APIs in Azure API Management. 




What is gRPC?

gRPC is a modern, high-performance framework that enables seamless communication between services. Leveraging HTTP/2 for transport and Protocol Buffers (protobuf) as the interface description language, gRPC facilitates lightweight, efficient communication perfect for microservices architecture. 



What the Preview Includes

  • Full gRPC support. Perform unary, client streaming, server streaming, and bidirectional streaming calls. 

  • First-Class Schema Support. Import and manage gRPC services using their protobuf definitions and have Azure API Management handle the rest. 

  • Security and Compliance. Implement standard Azure API Management policies to protect your gRPC services. 

  • Unified Management. Manage gRPC APIs alongside other API in a single Azure API Management service instance. 

  • Deployment Flexibility. Securely and efficiently manage APIs on-premises, Azure, and other clouds from an API Management service instance by deploying self-hosted gateway near your backend services. 


Getting Started

  1. Ensure you have an active Azure subscription. If not, sign up for a free account today. 
  2. Navigate to the Azure portal and create a new API Management service instance or use an existing one. 
  3. Deploy a self-hosted gateway to the environment of your choice. 
  4. Import your gRPC service’s protobuf definition into Azure API Management. 
  5. Configure policies, monitor performance, and secure your gRPC services just like you would with any other API. 

For more information on using gRPC with Azure API Management, check out our documentation. We also encourage you to share your feedback using the comments below. 


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