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We've scoured the Microsoft Ignite session catalog to hand-pick a selection of topics for IT Pros. These sessions are available in-person, online live and available as a recording after the event, unless otherwise stated. Visit the session links for more information, including scheduling details for your own time zone.


These sessions reflect the broad roles of an IT Pro and include Azure and on-premises infrastructure, security & identity, endpoint management, Microsoft 365 and more! We've even included some topics your developers might be starting to explore, so you can learn how to enable them.


If you're attending in-person in Seattle, look out for us on stage, presenting a lab, or on the expo floor:

Amy Colyer: https://twitter.com/wyrdgirl
Pierre Roman: https://twitter.com/wiredcanuck
Vinicius Apolinario: https://twitter.com/vrapolinario
Rick Claus: https://twitter.com/RicksterCDN


Microsoft Ignite Opening (KEY01H) 
Becoming an AI-powered organization with Microsoft Copilot (KEY02H) 

The future of security with AI (KEY03H) 

AI transformation for your organization with the Microsoft Cloud (KEY04H)


Azure & Hybrid Infrastructure:

Unlock AI innovation with Azure AI infrastructure (BRK246H) 

What's new and what's next with Azure IaaS (BRK245H) 

What's new in Windows Server v.Next (BRK403) [In person and recorded] 

Optimize your Azure investment through FinOps (DIS648H) 

Deep dive on Arm-based Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (ODFP205) [Online & recorded] 

Choosing the right Azure database for your workloads Q&A (DIS625H)  


Simplifying cloud operations with the Azure Portal (BRK244HG) 

Securely operate and manage your estate with Azure Policy and more (DIS647H)  

Do more with Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure (BRK243HG) 

Powering up with PowerShell 7: Open-Source community and enhancements (DIS646H) 


Best practices for successful Azure Hybrid Cloud rollouts (DISFP364) [Online & recorded] 

Design cloud to edge architecture patterns with Azure Arc (BRK247H)  

Accelerate VMware migration to Azure (ODFP281) [Online & recorded] 

Migrate to innovate: Be AI-ready, secure, and optimize operations (BRK242H)  

Learn Live: Upgrade and migrate Windows Server IaaS virtual machines (BRK407ll) [Online and recorded] 


AI and Kubernetes - A winning combination for Modern App Development (BRK208H) 

Windows Containers on AKS (PRT039) [Online, not recorded] 

Cloud Native application monitoring (PRT012) [Online, not recorded] 

Getting the most out of Red Hat workloads on Azure (DIS644H) 

Simplifying Kubernetes management and operations with Azure Linux (PRT008) [Online, not recorded] 


Radius, a new open-source application platform for the cloud (BRK402) [In person and recorded] 

What's new in Generative AI? (BRK202H) 

Develop in the cloud with Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments (BRK232H) 


Security & Identity:

Security for AI: Prepare, protect and defend in the AI era (BRK298HG) 

Technical foundations of secure AI Q&A (DIS667H) 

Secure and govern your data in the era of AI (BRK296H) 

Beyond DLP: Comprehensive and AI-powered data security (BRK262H) 


Secure access in the AI era: What's new in Microsoft Entra (BRK297H) 

Bringing Passkey into your passwordless journey (OD02) [Online & recorded] 

Effortless application migration using Microsoft Entra ID (OD03) [Online & recorded] 

Accelerate your Zero Trust journey with unified access controls (BRK264H) 

Unified Conditional Access controls - Identity & Security Service Edge (DIS663H) 


Microsoft Sentinel: A modern approach to security operations (BRK268H) 

Making end to send security real (BRK267H) 

Modern management innovation shaping endpoint security (BRK295H) 

Discussing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with product experts (DIS665H) 


Microsoft 365 & Windows:

How Microsoft 365 Copilot works (BRK256) [In person and recorded] 

Getting your enterprise ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot (BRK257HG) 

Ask early adopters - Building line of business plug-ins for Microsoft 365 Copilot (DIS656H) 

Q&A for exploring AI-powered chat - let's talk Bing Chat Enterprise (DIS654H) 


Get ready for the future of work with Microsoft Teams (BRK251H) 

Optimizing your Microsoft Teams environment (DIS653H) 

The future of AI-enabled work management with Microsoft Planner (DIS655H) 

The new Outlook for Windows Q&A (DIS652H) 

Operating Power Platform at enterprise scale (BRK215) [In person and recorded] 


Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop Q&A (DIS658H) 

Scaling AI across your business with Windows and Windows 365 (BRK252H)


Training & career:

Ask the Experts: Microsoft Certifications (DIS682H) 

Boost your profile with the new Microsoft Applied Skills credential (DIS681H) 

Bridging the gap between introverts and extroverts (DIS686H) 

The power of mentoring to unlock career growth (DIS687H) 



Register now to watch sessions online or access recordings after the event: https://register.ignite.microsoft.com 


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments if you're looking forward to a session we didn't list!

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