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November is a big month with 3 events – .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, and GitHub Universe – and the official launch of .NET 8. In fact, there's so much happening, we'll be doing another post in mid-November to capture major news and announcements coming out of the events. In the lead-up to these conferences, we have a lineup of resources to help you get ready and start learning new skills. Join the GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge, start building generative AI solutions, find out how to code C# in Visual Studio Code, and much more.


GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge
Become a GitHub expert. Join the GitHub Universe Cloud Skills Challenge (now through November 30) and build new skills with GitHub Codespaces, GitHub Copilot, and more.

.NET Conf 2023
.NET Conf 2023 is just 2 weeks away. Join this free digital event November 14–16 to watch live sessions, connect with .NET experts, and get ready for the official launch of .NET 8.

Microsoft Ignite 
Register for Microsoft Ignite and join us November 14–17, 2023 to explore the latest innovations, learn from experts, and develop new skills. The Microsoft Ignite event is available in-person and online, making it easy to be a part of the experience.      

Hack Together: The Great .NET 8 Hack
Register for The Great .NET 8 Hack and get started with .NET 8. The hackathon will run November 20 through December 4 and will feature livestream sessions, learning resources, and prizes. 

DEVintersection Conference
Level up your dev skills and have fun in the sun. Join us December 5–7 at DEVintersection in Orlando, FL for live sessions and deep-dives led by Microsoft engineers and industry experts. Dig into .NET 8, Visual Studio, VS Code, AI, and more. 

Get started with end-to-end testing: Playwright
Discover a powerful way to test your web apps. Watch this series to learn about Playwright, an open-source framework that lets you automate how users interact with your app. It’s fast and works across all modern browsers and platforms. 

The .NET Conf Student Zone: Register for a beginner-friendly learning experience
Ready to start learning .NET? We’ve got you covered. Join the .NET Conf Student Zone on November 13 for a beginner-friendly learning experience where experts will teach you how to build projects using C# and .NET. Get details and register.

C# Dev Kit
Develop with C# in Visual Studio Code! The new C# Dev Kit is a VS Code extension that provides an improved editor-first C# development experience on Linux, macOS, and Windows.   

Global AI Conference
The digital Global AI Conference on December 12 is for developers, pros, beginners, and everyone else interested in AI. Join the developer track to explore advanced AI topics or the beginner track if you’re just getting started with AI.  

Build immersive experiences with Microsoft Mesh
Take your virtual meetings to a new level. Learn about Microsoft Mesh, now in public preview, and find out how to build multi-user 3D experiences that make virtual meetings and events feel more like face-to-face connections.

Microsoft Reactor: Make Azure AI Real
Ready to learn about Microsoft AI tools and services, such as Azure OpenAI? Watch the Make Azure AI Real series for in-depth discussions where Microsoft experts show how to apply AI in your projects. Available live through December 7 and on-demand. 

New Visual Studio video miniseries: Tea & Technology
Watch the Tea & Technology series for a behind-the-scenes look at Visual Studio. Watch all 7 episodes on demand for short but insightful interviews with the product experts helping drive innovation in Visual Studio.

Get started with dev containers in Visual Studio Code
Focus on coding, not on setting up dev environments. Watch this demo to learn how to effortlessly set up dev containers in Visual Studio Code and boost your productivity. Download Visual Studio Code.

Develop generative AI solutions with Azure OpenAI Service
Start your journey with Azure OpenAI. Get details about a learning path on Microsoft Learn that digs into using Azure OpenAI to develop your own solutions and deploy generative AI models.  

Build Intelligent Apps with Azure Kubernetes Service
Learn how to create an intelligent app that uses Azure AI Vision to analyze images and extract data. This lesson will step you through the process of developing an API to perform optical character recognition on uploaded images. 

Cloud Native Maturity Assessment
Do you know your organization’s cloud native maturity level? Cloud native apps are built from the ground up for the cloud and optimized for cloud scale and performance. Answer a few questions and this free tool will assess your organization.

Generative AI for Beginners
Start building generative AI applications. Learn the fundamentals with this 12-lesson course created by Microsoft cloud advocates. Each lesson covers a different key aspect, such as LLMs, prompt engineering, and designing UX for AI apps.

What's new with Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio
The new version of Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio features exciting new capabilities for .NET developers, such as the ability to use dev tunnels for debugging Teams bots. 

Simplify development and deployment with the AKS extension in Visual Studio Code
The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Extension for VS Code is an open-source project that simplifies management and operation of AKS. It offers a wide array of features, including cluster management, deployment, and monitoring. 

Fine Tuning: now available with Azure OpenAI Service
Customize Open AI models with your own data and deploy these custom models. Learn about the new preview of fine tuning, find out if fine tuning is right for you, and get tips for creating your own customized models. 

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