Things to look forward to in the new Outlook for Windows

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After our recent announcement about the release of the new Outlook on Windows 11, we have received many questions about features that are coming to the new app. The new Outlook for Windows is the future for both the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows and the classic Outlook for Windows. There is a lot of excitement and expectation - so naturally, we have a list of top features from those experiences that we plan to bring over. 


The place to follow all upcoming features and when they are releasing is the Microsoft 365 roadmap, and as we get closer to precise feature roll out dates will be published on that roadmap. The following is a list of some of the things that we are working on in the next year, some of which are already on the horizon and may be on that roadmap list.


Some of the many things we have in the works 

  • Auto capitalization 
  • Collapsible headers in the message list 
  • Conditional formatting 
  • Copilot 
  • Drag and drop emails and attachments to the desktop  
  • Dictation
  • Preserve declined meetings 
  • EML file support 
  • File tab in Outlook search 
  • Folder reordering 
  • Inking (Draw tab) while composing an email 
  • MSG file support 
  • Offline support 
  • Outbox folder 
  • Picture formatting 
  • POP3 account support 
  • PST file support 
  • Message Recall 
  • S/MIME 
  • Save as for attachments (choose folder to save to) 
  • Share local files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 
  • Shared calendar notifications for work accounts 
  • Teams tab in search 


We continue to make feature improvements across the board and are always monitoring feedback, so please continue to try the new experience and let us know what you hope to see next. Feedback is under the Help tab in the ribbon, or you can submit your thoughts if you toggle back to the classic Outlook. 


In addition to features and capabilities, we also hear and highly value feedback about performance and the overall experience. We are deeply invested across our teams in dedicated and ongoing performance improvements, ranging from focused optimizations to larger platform investments. We are also investing in several visual and user-experience improvements. 


Recent improvements and things to try in the new Outlook 

  • Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP account support 
  • ICS file support 
  • Message list selection improvements 
  • Quick steps 
  • Sort by sender or subject line 
  • Scheduling across different time zones 
  • Table styling improvements 
  • Folder list experience improvements 
  • Search folders (unread mail, flagged, or sent directly to me) 
  • Reminders window 
  • Find related messages (from this sender, in this conversation) 


Are there features that you’re expecting that you don’t see above? We’d love to know more. Please leave them in the comments below! 

Thank you!  

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