Azure Monitor SCOM MI: New SQL Server monitoring solution in Azure

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It has just been announced that Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance is generally available. This is a new offering as part of Azure Monitor. SCOM MI is the right product to use for those customers who have been using SCOM on-prem and would like to migrate their monitoring investments to Azure. If you have been using SCOM, it provides the same functionality through the use of same Management Packs you are familiar with. You get the best of both worlds with Azure operational benefits and SQL Management Packs’ (SQL MPs) comprehensive monitoring capabilities. 


If you have been using SCOM to monitor your SQL Servers, you have most likely made significant investments in our various SQL MPs. You might be thinking about moving your monitoring operations to Azure as you migrate your SQL Servers to Azure Virtual Machines or Azure

SQL MI and Azure SQL DB. SCOM MI provides you with the monitoring experience you are familiar with on-prem and without losing the investments you’ve made in SQL MPs. Once you migrate to SCOM MI, your MPs will continue to work without any changes required. This is the quickest and easiest way to configure a comprehensive monitoring experience when migrating your on-premises SQL Servers to Azure. 







You can read more about Microsoft SQL Management Packs at: 


Some resources to get started with modernization of SCOM deployments and to continue with migrations to Azure: 


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