MVP Elif Item’s Leadership Role at the Community Summit

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Elif Item, a US MVP in Business Application, is a prominent figure in the Dynamics 365 Finance Operations (FO) community. She played a key role in the Community Summit by Dynamics Communities for D365 (FO) as a member of the planning committee. Elif helped select and review the educational sessions for the conference, ensuring high quality and relevance.



One of the highlights of Elif's experience was her involvement in the FO/AX general session, a project that required close collaboration with other MVPs. She enjoyed working with them and learning from their insights and expertise on the latest developments in D365 FO. The session was a spectacular show that delighted all D365 FO/AX attendees with lights, music, and other special effects. It also featured Microsoft's future plans for D365 FO, which showcased the exciting innovations and opportunities in the field.


Through this experience, Elif enhanced her leadership skills by becoming more collaborative. She realized that this skill was essential for effective communication and goal attainment. For instance, she reached out to Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow at Microsoft and Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Apps & Platforms at Microsoft and asked them to make a video for the event. They agreed and produced a better outcome for the event.


As a result of her initiative and teamwork, she received a high recognition from the Dynamics Communities, she was honored with the “Legend Award” at the conclusion of the conference. This prestigious award recognizes a select group of individuals (only three this year for FO) for their lifetime contributions to the Dynamics Communities. This achievement motivates Elif to continue her involvement and collaboration with the Community Summit by Dynamics Communities, where she encountered many skilled, dedicated, and trustworthy people. She also aims to support the DFW user community by inviting speakers and experts to share their knowledge. As an MVP, she can reach a wider audience. 

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