Join us at the Viva Engage Festival December 6 2023

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The Viva Engage Festival, hosted by Swoop Analytics, is an interactive virtual event that brings together Viva Engage thought leaders, communication innovators, and community enthusiasts from around the globe. This is not just another webinar; it's an opportunity to dive deep into the future of employee engagement, learn about new tech, explore the latest Viva Engage experiences, and connect with a community passionate about driving change in their businesses.


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Hear from leading customers and directly from Microsoft

Viva Engage Festival includes customer speakers and industry experts who will share knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics around Viva Engage, from Comcast, NSW Government, Johnson and Johnson, Vestas and more. Join us for an exclusive look into Microsoft's journey with Viva Engage and communities as we share our own experiences.


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We hope you join us to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for driving meaningful engagement. Whether you're a business leader, a professional, or an enthusiast, you'll leave the festival with the inspiration and knowledge needed to take your Viva Engage investments to the next level.

Nominate Viva Engage Community Champion!


As part of our 2023 Viva Engage Festival, Microsoft and SWOOP Analytics will announce this year's regional winners of the Community Champion Award. The Viva Engage Community Champion Award is an opportunity to recognize passionate community managers around the world who are committed to employee engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in their Viva Engage networks. Can you think of anyone who deserves this title? Let us know who it might be! The 2023 Viva Engage Community Champion will be announced for each region during the festival. Nominations close November 30, 2023.


Hope to see you there!


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a global community that is shaping the way we connect and collaborate. Register now, mark your calendar, and get ready to unlock the doors to a new era of engagement!


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