IoT Edge 1.0.9

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It's a week that keeps on giving for IoT Edgers, the long awaited 1.0.9 release is generally available now!


There are three central themes to this release - quality, quality and quality! The team has made several connectivity improvements and fixes to keep modules connected amongst themselves and the cloud even in the face of spotty connectivity. 


That's not to say there isn't new stuff to look forward to. Here's a non-exhaustive list of some major updates:


  • X.509 certificate-based identity for edge devices with individual and group enrollment support via DPS (docs).
  • New local troubleshooting feature, support-bundle, that aggregates logs and other useful debug information with a single command (docs).
  • Ability to set lifetime for auto generated certs (docs).
  • Rich built-in host and application metrics [Experimental] (docs, PoC implementation).
  • Significantly faster IoT Hub re-connection detection.
  • Built-in functionality to remotely retrieve module logs, restart modules and test device connectivity (docs).
  • More contextual information in JSON output of 'iotedge check' and expanded checks.
  • See the full change list here.


Be sure to update and get all the goodness! Let us know if you run into any issues.



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