MVP Reconnect: Why You Should Join The Program For Former MVPs Today

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MVP Program Strategy Lead Danilo Bordini and RMVP Kerstin Rachfahl pose for a photo in Munich, Germany.

We know that at the start of each new award cycle, MVPs wait anxiously for that renewal email to pop up in their inboxes. And if it doesn’t appear, there can be some pretty mixed feelings - it’s difficult to say goodbye to the MVP Program and all the perks that come along with it.

But thanks to MVP Reconnect, now you don’t have to! The fully collaborative program has been up and running since November 2016, and it’s the official way for former MVPs to keep in touch with Microsoft and other community experts. Today there are now more than 2000 MVP Reconnect members, and more than 300 people have joined the program since the beginning of July.

This unique technical community brings together former MVPs to stay connected and grow their networks, learn about cutting-edge technology, share their insights, provide mentorship and attend exclusive events. And for those that have this goal, keeping connected helps to put them in the running for future MVP Award nomination.

Robert Dick joined MVP Reconnect just this week. A Victoria, Canada-based Office 365 MVP from 2014-2016, he says there’s an energizing buzz in MVP Reconnect.

“Even if we are not ‘full’ MVPs, we still have the fire in the belly and the desire to contribute to our various communities,” he said. “MVP Reconnect is important because it allows me to continue my connection to the MVP community as a whole, and to continue to be a part of this amazing group of people.”

Additionally the program provides a "springboard” for becoming an MVP again, said Robert. “This group looks to provide a lot of encouragement to those of us that would like to ‘get back in’.”

Tung Pham was also an Office 365 MVP from 2014-2016, and joined the program after July 1st. “I’m...delighted to know about MVP Reconnect, which can help to keep up with Microsoft and other community leaders,” said Tung, who is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “And of course I will still be doing what I love… - contributing more to the community of Microsoft geeks.”

MVP Reconnect has made a lot of advancements in the past 8 months - from enacting official MVP Reconnect profiles, electing 11 regional representatives, and planning social gatherings at Community Connection events. Now, we can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring!

If you haven’t joined MVP Reconnect yet, we want to connect with you. Sign up using the registration form here, and we will follow up with an official registration email. And for more updates, follow the program on social media using the #mvpreconnect hashtag.

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