New Operators and New Co-op Event Available Now for Rainbow Six Siege

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Two new Operators are dropping into Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One, bringing new global abilities that will allow them to make their presence felt no matter where they are on the map. In addition to these potential game-changers, there’s a brand new co-op event that also launches today for free to Rainbow Six Siege owners. It’s called Outbreak, and it will pit the Operators against a deadly new threat in entirely new environments to test your skills in a whole new way. Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege begins now, and it’s starting with a bang.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Key Art

The new Operators are two attackers named Finka and Lion. Each of them is armed with a unique gadget that gives them the ability to support their team in a big way. Finka can trigger an Adrenal Surge that temporarily juices her teammates with reduced recoil, a health boost, and a few other benefits that make her great for supporting an assault. Lion can scan the entire map with his indestructible flying drone, revealing the silhouettes of any enemies that are moving when the scan is active. There are ways to counter or avoid these abilities, naturally, but you’re sure to notice whenever these attackers take the field.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Screenshot

In Outbreak, teams of up to three Operators must travel to New Mexico, where an extraterrestrial parasite has turned the local populace into hordes of mutated monsters. As you fight your way through expansive maps and endeavor to stop the infestation at its source, you’ll have to fight a variety of different enemy types and contend with sinister new abilities. Teamwork is paramount as you learn to use your tried-and-true Siege skills to take down this dangerous menace.

Rainbow Six Siege Chimera Screenshot

Outbreak is available for free to Rainbow Six Siege owners from March 6 through April 3. The two new Operators are now available for Year 3 Season Pass owners for a seven-day exclusive period, after which they will be available for anyone to unlock using Renown or R6 Credits.

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