Azure Information Protection Documentation Update for April 2018

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The Documentation for Azure Information Protection has been updated on the web and the latest content has an April 2018 (or later) date at the top of the article.


This month saw the much-awaited general availability (GA) release of the Azure Information Protection client. For the documentation, that meant removing all the “preview” disclaimers, and removing information that was specific to the previous GA version. The documentation is written for the current GA version (and current preview version if there is one). If you are still running the previous GA version (, use the version history to check what’s different from the older version you are using.  There is a long list of fixes, as well as new features, so we encourage you to upgrade.


In addition to the client release, we had a couple of quieter releases this month as well: Changes to the Azure portal, which now let you create a label outside a policy, and no longer has a publish option. And a new version of the AADRM PowerShell module ( that is now only available from the PowerShell Gallery and no longer available from the Microsoft Download Center.


We listen to your feedback and try to incorporate it whenever possible. Let me know if you have feedback about the documentation and I also encourage you to head over to our Yammer site to see what others are discussing. 


What’s new in the documentation for Azure Information Protection, April 2018


Requirements for Azure Information Protection

– Updated the Client devices section, to document that for Windows 10, handwriting in the RS4 build for Insiders is not supported.


Applications that support Azure Rights Management data protection

– Updated the RMS-enlightened applications table to include BlackBerry Work as a new email client for iOS and Android. The “More information” sections are also updated to clarify application support for Mac computers.


 Configuring the Azure Information Protection policy

– This article and all instructions for using the Azure portal are updated for the April UI changes where labels can now be created independently from a policy and added and removed later, and there is no longer a Publish option. Similarly, step 2 for the quick start tutorial is updated for this UI change.


Add or remove a label to or from an Azure Information Protection policy

– New article, now that you can add or remove labels to policies. For new labels, consider adding them to a scoped policy that you use for testing, then remove the label from your testing scoped policy and add the label to the policy in production (global policy or another scoped policy).


How to configure conditions for automatic and recommended classification for Azure Information Protection

– Updated to correct the information about when you can use recommended classification. Like automatic classification, you cannot use recommended classification for documents that were previously labeled with a higher classification. Also clarified that when a user selects Dismiss for a recommended label, if the condition still applies when the document is next opened, the label recommendation is displayed again.


Administering the Azure Rights Management service by using Windows PowerShell

– Updated the grouping of cmdets to manage the document tracking site, to include the new cmdlets Get-AadrmTrackingLog and Get-AadrmDocumentLog. These cmdlets are also added to the admin guide.


Installing the AADRM PowerShell module

– Updated the installation instructions to remove the option to install the module from the Download Center now that the PowerShell Gallery is the only download source for this module. The instructions for the Gallery are also updated to include more information about the prompt to confirm an untrusted repository.


Azure Information Protection client: Version release history and support policy

– Updated for the new release.


Admin Guide: Azure Information Protection client files and client usage logging

– Updated the usage logging information that’s written to the event log, to match the current release.


Admin Guide: Custom configurations for the Azure Information Protection client

– Updated the instructions for how to configure advanced client configuration settings to match the new UI in the Azure portal, and added the following entries:


– Updated for the latest version of the module,



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