4 Cool things in Windows 10 version 1809

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First published on MSDN on Nov 12, 2018
I wrote this post to share some of the great features available on Windows 10 version 1809 that I really liked.

Dark Mode in File Explorer

The option to enable the dark mode is available under Settings > Personalization > Colors .

It is possible switch between Light and Dark app mode.

After switching between the App modes, any App or Windows UI that support theme will be updated including File Explorer .

Notepad enhancements

You can zoom in to text now on Notepad by pressing CTRL + or CTRL -. That is pretty useful during presentations.

Finally wrap-around to find or replace is now available in Notepad too.

Notepad now allows you to search on Bing by selecting the text and pressing CTRL+E. That simplifies a lot the cases when you need to copy a test and search for it on Internet.

F5 in Notepad inserts the current date time.

The new clipboard

Pressing Windows Key + V you have access to the clipboard history. That is really cool and save a lot the time allowing us to get the copied content back from the historical clipboard.

You can also enable this functionality under Settings > System > Clipboard.

Observe that the clipboard also shows the images that were copied and gives you the option to pin the items to use all the time:

In addition to the clipboard history, it is also possible to copy the content across the devices that have at least Windows 10 version 1809 version.

The Windows + Shift + S, used to capture a screenshot, now displays a toast notification that open up the Snip & Sketch App:

If you click on the toast notification the Snip & Sketch App is opened:

Registry autocomplete

Windows 10 1809 comes with an autocomplete function for the registry editor. That saves a lot of time to navigate to the hives.

This was an introduction to the new functionalities of Windows 10 version 1809 version.

I hope you liked.

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