Projects with spaces in their names? A recent Windows Security update could cause issues!

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A further update - as far as we can tell this ONLY affects Project Server 2019, assuming you are patched up to date on Project Server 2013 and 2016.  We fixed this condition for Chrome a while back - and the recent Windows fix exposed this for other browsers.  See for Project Server 2016 and for 2013 - A more recent update would include these too.  Not sure when we will get the fix for Project Server 2019, but will have probably missed the May deadline.



If you have recently loaded the Window Security update and are not able to open certain projects from the Project Center then check if the project name contains a space.  We are investigating and hopefully will soon get a fix for this, but depending which part we need to fix (client, server or service) it could take a while before it is available in an update or your distribution channel.  There are workarounds - you can still open just fine by opening the client Project application and then File, Open to select the project, or you could just rename the plan and remove the space(s).  Personally I try and avoid using spaces and other special characters in project names, and of course spaces are supported and should work, but occasionally they can trip something up unexpectedly - like this recent change.  

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