Reconnect Series: Vijay Samavedam

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Vijay Samavedam is a Reconnect member from Hyderabad, India. He was awarded a Windows Consumer MVP Award in 2010.


Vijay currently works as a SQL Server Database Consultant at UPS. His main responsibilities in this role include providing database support for in-house UPS applications and configuring high availability solutions like Readscale AGs, Distributed AGs and Mirroring.


To Vijay, being a Reconnect member means a lot. “Once an MVP, always an MVP, so the Reconnect program is a great platform for me to connect with my fellow former MVPs from around the world,” he said. “Also, Yammer is a great tool for us to share and learn about our area of expertise.”


“The Reconnect community has given me the chance to connect and share technical know-how with everyone around me on Yammer,” said Vijay. “And of course, I can’t help but get nostalgic about the good old MVP days!”


While Vijay has not been heavily involved in any recent Reconnect events or activities, he does regularly shout out MVPs on Twitter and and features the work of MVPs on his blog account


“I was involved in the Lenovo community for eight years, helping and reaching out to customers with issues,” said Vijay. 


“Then, while an MVP, I gained additional responsibilities to become a “superuser” in the Lenovo community forums,” he added. “I became more and more interested and eventually found myself contributing to the growth of their in-house knowledge base article system - this felt like the epitome of community contribution.”


To new MVPs, Vijay says “Work towards finding your true potential. Let your passion drive you to achieve higher echelons.”


In the future, Vijay would like to settle down in Atlanta for the long-term. “This is the best place to stay and work in the world of tech. With so many meetups happening around nearby, I could not ask for a better place to live!” he said.

Follow Vijay on Twitter @buddinggeek


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