Teams-a-thon event brings competition to virtual learning

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What is teams-a-thon?

Is the only event in the world that seeks to provide a space of healthy competition between administrators and experts in Microsoft Teams. We have been passing too much time in distance and now is time to take virtual events to a next level to bring people together in a new and funny way. 

Participants will have a list of challenges to meet in the shortest possible time and with satisfactory results. All competition will be streamed on social networks, so you will be able to support your country and favorite participants during national phase, as well as during International Grand Final!

This event is organized and hold by Get-CsLatam Community, leaded by three Mexican Microsoft MVPs: Rodolfo Castro, Christian Romano, and Jose Roberto Correa.

Who can participate?

For the very first edition, registrations will be opened only for four countries:

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia
  • Peru


*In next editions we will add more countries according to community participation.


What are the requirements?

In order to make it a quality event and provide the best experience for participants and the community, we need to ask for the following as requirements:

  • Live in one of the four countries mentioned above. (México, Colombia, Bolivia, Perú)
  • Be of legal age.
  • Have ADVANCED TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE about Microsoft Teams Administration.
  • Share a presentation video.
  • Availability to attend the national qualifier, and in case of being a winner participate in the international final.
  • Wanting to be the 2021 TEAMS-A-THON CHAMPION

How to participate?

Be part of this event is easy, just need to register and confirm your participation in this link.

Enter the knockout session of your country, on September 11, 2021.

Solve all challenges in the shortest possible time, in case you become your country winner you will need to participate during International Grand Final on September 24th - 25th, 2021.

What will the national qualifiers look like?

There will be a 4-hour session where participants will be shared with a series of challenges to implement in a 30-day trial subscription of Microsoft 365 E5 licensing.

The first participant to solve the challenges (with evidence) will be the national winner and will have access to the Teams-a-Thon International Grand Final.

What will the International Grand Final look like?

National representatives will need to solve several challenges to implement in a 30-day trial subscription of Microsoft 365 E5.

The first participant to solve the challenges (with evidence) will be the winner.

The challenges will be of greater difficulty so this Grand Final will be covered in two days with a session of 4 hours per day.

Internet searches will be limited to 3 searches per session, so be prepared!

What are the prizes?

In addition to the glory and worldwide recognition, we seek to give the top 4 an award recognizing their effort.

Today we are still looking for sponsors for these awards, so be patient.

How to become an sponsor?

Just send an email to teams-a-thon@get-cslatam, with your information and we will contact you. And thank you for your interest.

Need more info?

In case you need more info about this unique event, you can go to and follow us in social network, you can find us as @GetCsLatam.

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